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According to Xero, any invoice including a freelance design invoice should not only be clear, but also easy to understand. If you make it easy to understand, your clients should have no problem settling their bills in time. This would only be possible if you understand the guidelines for designing exceptional invoices. Here are the guidelines to follow.

Proper Information

First, your invoice should have all the information needed to help the client know that it is from you. It must have your contact information. It must have your client's contact information too. The date when you issued/prepared the invoice should also be clearly visible. The date when you expect the client to pay should be clear on the invoice too.

Outline Charges/Fees

The invoice should have a clear breakdown of all charges. The charges should appear against the item or work that you did for the client as a freelance designer. If the client gave you work because of a proposal you wrote, itemize the charges exactly as they appeared in the initial document you sent marketing your services and publishing quotes. According to Hongkiat, a freelancer should also decide on their pricing method, which could be on hourly or per job.

Method of Payment

The methods that most clients prefer include cash, bank transfer, checks and PayPal. Therefore, find out the preferred method from the client. Nonetheless, you ought to inform the client your preferred method of payment. In any case, your preferred method should carry the day unless the client doesn't have access to it from his end.

Other Factors
The most important issue you have to resolve first is that of when to prepare and send the invoice. Again, this depends on the terms you agreed upon with your client. For example, if the contract says that the client should receive the invoice every week, you ought to adhere to the terms by preparing and sending the invoice weekly.
It's fine for you to seek help of other invoice services available on the Internet. Some of the services help you to keep track of your invoices. Some services help you to manage the entire project from start to finish so that you never fail to send invoices out on time and receive payments when due. Some services help you to calculate the taxes to pay.
Therefore, fill the freelance designer invoice with the right details for faster payment.