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A freelance design proposal template is a must-have to all freelancers who wish to serve B2B clients. Business to business clients need freelance design services too. They specialize in transferring raw materials, components and parts to other companies or businesses. In the digital world that the B2Bs operate in, they need specific help with their marketing endeavors to thrive. Some of the tools they need include websites and web content. They also need help ranking well with search engines. A freelancer can provide great insights in all these areas.

The main goal of all freelancers should be to excel to a point that clients call them.

No more chasing clients

Achieving such a goal would save the freelancers a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent chasing clients. However, many times freelance designers never get the chance to receive that call. Instead, they have to write and send multiple proposals. That is where the freelance design proposal template comes into play. The template can only be a great tool if it helps the freelance designer to write a proposal that acts as a selling document. The proposal is more than a piece of document that indicates your rates and overview of the project.

Helps cultivate solid relationships

The success of the freelance design proposal template in attracting B2B clients depends on the relationships that you cultivate. Good freelancers know where to interact with clients. It is good to distinguish between familiarization and interaction. The saying that familiarity breeds disrespect is true in the freelancing circles too. Patience is necessary in forging new relationships with clients. Understanding the industry or environment that your clients operate in is also crucial. The template should enable you to include all these details in your proposal.

Demonstrates your readiness

A good proposal should show your readiness. Clients wish to know that you have the answers they need. They want to see that you are ready to provide solutions to the problems they face. It’s important to anticipate the sort of questions that clients are likely to ask and demand answers for. In fact, the proposal ought to address some of these questions, even before clients ask. Unless you put yourself in your clients’ shoes, you will not be able to anticipate these questions or provide the right answers in your proposals.

Avoid writing a proposal that seems too defensive.

Eradicates complacency

More importantly, complacency can be your greatest enemy. It can cripple your freelance business. It can send your clients packing. It is human nature to think you know all the tricks to attracting clients to your business after doing it multiple times. If you’re not careful, a sense of complacency could emerge. Complacency stops your proposal from reaching the right people, who in this case are the decision makers. Freelance design proposal template helps you to overcome and avoid some of the dangers of complacency, such as:

a)          fear settling in

b)          not focusing on attention to details any more

c)           mounting tension

d)          reactive rather than responsive thinking

e)          no more taking risks

f)            causes your value to decline

g)          resistance to change

h)          inertia and laxity

i)             judgmental errors

If you’re not careful, the services that you market to the clients through the freelance design proposal template can be scary. With time, as your freelance career grows, you will realize that some clients are never ready to handle success. Promising huge changes to such clients can scare them off. Contrary to what you think, many B2B clients are afraid of big changes. Because of this, find a way of underselling your freelance design expertise. Incorporate moderate terminologies into the proposal, especially if your research indicates the client is unprepared.