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Looking to get started with a professional career as a freelance designer? Well, good for you, put all your creative talent to use. But let us tell you that nothing is quite easy at the start. You need to prepare yourself for the corporate world and be eager to learn from mistakes and criticism. Whether it is graphic designing you are interested in, or other professions like website design or motion graphics design, you would want to lay down a plan for the future. Here is some advice to get you going on the correct path for freelance design.

In addition to the above, taking good care of business matters is equally important. It would be quite wrong to embark on your freelance design career without knowing how to negotiate contracts with clients or how to get paid. Bonsai is here to help you out with these aspects and we strongly suggest that you use invoice templates to bill clients.

With our invoice templates and the following invoicing tips, you can increase your chances of reducing possible payment, and even financial, problems to a great extent.

Make it precise and clear

This is the most important part. Clients, quite unexpectedly, prefer to know exactly what they are paying for and invoices with a comprehensive run down of all charges are the ones that get paid fastest. Any confusions or surprises in invoices can lead to painful delays as the client either turns to you for clarification, which always is not easy, or simply dump it in their drawer and temporarily forget about it.

Be quick

This is necessary. You need to be as quick as possible in sending your client an invoice so it is received at a time when your work is still in their hands and paying you is still something they think of. In freelance, communication is in real time so you should use templates for quick invoicing.

Use your relations

We aren't encouraging you to involve your influential friends, NO! What we mean is that how your client sees you affects their willingness to pay you. You should prioritize building cordial relationships with your clients by being professional in all ways and developing mutual respect. It always pays off at the end when it is time to pay.

Now all that remains is to dig into Bonsai's design invoice templates and choose a template for yourself. Good luck!