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2012 Freelance Industry Report - the field of freelance design is brimming with opportunity.

2015 marks a turning point in the resurgence of new and innovative startups, all of which need designers to make both their websites and products aesthetically pleasing as well as groundbreaking.

As a freelance designer, your work speaks for you, but so should your approach in handling the less pleasant but necessary paperwork that comes along with it. Your freelance design invoice should be the professional yet eye-catching document that clearly and transparently defines your expenses, rates and provided services.

A well written design invoice should be structured in a way which lets the client easily get to a desired subsection and help them see just what it is they are actually paying you for.  Good communication can often lead to repeat business, and an invoice which details the manner in which you wish to be paid as well as clauses that inform the client what to expect if they fail to compensate you in the agreed upon time frame is what makes a difference between a pleasant and streamlined working arrangement and an anxious mess of late or dodgy payments.

Keeping up with various clients and their different invoices is much easier if each design invoice is numbered in a way you can easily keep track of. Numbering your invoices by date or devising a system that categorizes them based on the type of freelance work you have done for a client makes for easily accessible documentation whenever you need it.

Finally, be sure to let your clients know that you appreciate their business, and use this currently last form of contact between you to invite them to work together in the future. One right word can turn that passing acquaintance into a long-lasting, cherrished client. From a humble cup to an elaborate website visited by millions of users daily, a polished design that stands out in the crowd is the defining factor to any product's success. It comes as no surprise then that quality design work is in high demand - according to the