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freelance work contracts agreements integrated e-signing payment escrow
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Freelance Design Contract Sample

Many freelancers underestimate the importance of a contract that regulates the relationship between them and their customers. This is an error that young professionals do. In order not to lose money and time, check this freelance design contract sample. This agreement will let you focus on your work and ensures you will get paid for what you do.

Internet has changed our behaviour. Users want to get information quickly, and this is only possibile thanks to responsive websites or mobile apps. Some studies report that 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. This is the reason why the work of a website designer has become so important. Many businesses also rely on mobile apps, which allow them to increase exposure, visibility and direct sales.

If you own website or app design skills, you'd better get the most out of it. Thanks to our freelance design contract sample, you will be able to clearly define the following things: (a) scope of work and deadline (b) how much you will be paid and payment method (c) intellectual property of your design after you will be paid.

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