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Freelance Artist Invoice Template

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Freelance Artist Invoice Template

The next task after doing some freelance work is to wait for payment. Many freelancers prefer receiving payments via their mobile devices. According to, global mobile payments were $450 billion. The figure is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2019. Irrespective of your preferred method of payment, the client would not be able to pay you if he doesn't receive the perfect invoice from you. Fortunately, you can make the perfect invoice for your work as a freelance artist. What you need for this is a freelance artist invoice template.

So, how can you use the template to prepare the perfect invoice?

1. It reminds you to check the payment system

Each freelance client you get has different payment terms and systems. Never assume that all clients have similar systems. Check and recheck this piece of information with clients before working for them for the first time. Some clients prefer that you send them invoices. Others have put in place some of the best self-billing processes that do the work on behalf of the freelance artist. Study your template well so that you never have to forget to ask your client to clarify this matter before you prepare the first invoice.

2. It reminds you what to include in the invoice

You can use any invoice format. There aren't right or wrong formats. All formats are right, as long as they contain every detail that should be in an invoice. Again, the freelance artist invoice template indicates all the most important details that should be on this billing document. The template reminds you to include your name, VAT number, and address. It reminds you to include the names and addresses of all your freelance clients. Most importantly, the template reminds you to include the date you prepare or send the invoice.

3. It reminds you what to do in case of delayed payment or non-payment

Some clients are notorious for delaying to settle their invoices. Such delays could affect your work as a freelance artist. Fortunately, you can do something if a client develops this annoying habit. According to FindLaw, you have a right to timely payment. This right holds true even when you work as a freelance artist. The first thing you can do is to contact the client and ask for the wages he owes you. Next, consider filing a lawsuit, especially if the two of you signed a contract. You may need to hire a lawyer to help with the lawsuit.

4. It reminds you of your rights and responsibilities

The freelance artist invoice template is a useful tool when you need reminders about your rights. You have several responsibilities and rights as a freelance artist, especially after you have done work according to the instructions the client issued. One of these is the right to payment for services rendered. The template should list what the client has to do after receiving the invoice. It should list your responsibilities and those of the client. The client should know what your options are in case he doesn't settle the invoice on schedule.

According to a recent survey, freelance workers add more than $715 billion to the US economy each year. You too can play a role in building the American economy, but only if you learn to prepare the perfect invoices that guarantee payments from clients.

Create your own
Freelance Artist Invoice Template

Create your own

Freelance Artist Invoice Template

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