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In June 2015, the number of smartphone users in the world has reached 2.6 billion people. Some suppose that, by 2020, it will get to 6.1 billion. This leads to an increasing need of app designers and developers, who are able to meet the needs of users worldwide. If you are an independent worker with app design skills, this is the place that you were looking for. Here you can download your freelance app design contract, that will let you work on your project with peace of mind.

The increasing use of smartphone led to a big load of work for app designers. Just think that Google Play Store and Apple Store, two great competitors in the mobile world, currently release about 2.5 million mobile apps. If you also include other marketplaces, such as Windows Phone Store or Amazon Appstore, the number almost reaches 3 million. It's a great opportunity for all who own the right skills.

Why have mobile apps become so important? Smartphone users are usually 'on the go' users who ask for quick responsiveness by the device, that can only be assured by using the apps. Whether people use mobile apps to play Angry Birds or to transfer some money, by now no-one could do without them. With a freelance app design contract, you will have the chance to join a growing industry without concerning of not being paid for your work.

Before you and your client sign the contract, you have to discuss several important details. The contract must clearly state what you will do, including scope of work and deadline. It also must show the estimated amount of your compensation, and the payment method. Finally, you have to agree the intellectual property of the app once your work is done. Make sure you have your freelance app design contract and only think of doing your best!

Bonsai also provides agreements for freelance web designers and for mobile designers. You can find the full list of contracts here.