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Freelance Agreement Template

Besides learning to cope with the stiff market competition as a freelancer, you’d learn upon launching your business that handling paperwork is perhaps 10 times more demanding than what you've ever imagined. Formulating a professional freelance agreement may be new to you, even savvy consultants and freelancers may find it tedious to create one for anew business relationship. One of the ways to get set for new contracts is by getting a  standard freelance agreement template.

Perhaps a golden opportunity I staring at your face, but it is never going to start until you come to an agreement with the client with an agreement to seal the contract. There you are thinking about what to do, straight to Google, or think of another plan.

Save your time; we have the details of a professional freelance agreement template here plus an opportunity to download the template.

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The need for a freelance agreement

Freelancers and individual consultants must sign an agreement before commencing work for clients. The Freelancers Union reports that 70% of freelancers have been stiffed, besides the number that has faced frustrations and unfavorable circumstances as a result of not having a binding contract in place before starting a project. Besides protecting your interest and that of your client with a solid freelance agreement, articulating a detailed contract shows to your client that you are a professional.

Essentials of a freelance agreement

If you miss anything from a contract, ensure your ideal freelance agreement template is not void of the following information.

  • Client & Contractor Information - This section of your simply introduces the information of the parties involved. It also gives an overview of the contract. It should state name your name and that of the client as well a the services you will provide.
  • Scope of project - You won't want to be caught in the web of performing one task while your client claims it wat the agreed one. The scope of the project covers what to be done, the add-ons, and the number of revisions permitted. Establish your guidelines and scope so that you will have evidence to prove you've done the needful in a situation where your client change the deliverables.
  • Terms & conditions - Stating your terms and condition help avoid confusion about project expectation. Establish your requirements, payment terms, how you want to get paid, and the due date. Some freelancers charge per hour while others agree on a fixed rate for their contracts. Others may request upfront payment followed by balance after project completion.
  • Changes & revisions - An ideal freelance agreement template should give room for revisions and additions. However, the agreement should protect you from clients who are hardly satisfied with needing multiple revisions.
  • Payment -There should be clear terms about your payment, and lack of it may leave room for delay from your clients. Business and employment lawyer Nancy Greene some freelancers make mistakes of not spelling their services and rates. She said, "ambiguity stops you from getting paid, and may, in fact, get you sued. 
  • Termination - The agreement should contain situations that may warrant termination of the contract. The clause should be explicit for either of the party to walkway if the relationship isn't working. A termination clause would help prepare for the loss of income as a result of failed contracts.
  • Signatures - Your freelance agreement template isn’t a contract if it void of your signature and that of your client.
  • Confidentiality & intellectual property rights-  An ideal freelance agreement should protect the confidential information of parties involved and trade secrets shared to enhance project execution. It should also state the parties that retain the right to existing and new intellectual properties resulting from the contract.\]
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Final words

Too many freelancers commence projects without a proper agreement in place. That negligence may lead to frustrations, delayed payments, and multiple revisions as demanded by clients. Take time to get the best freelance agreement template and spell out your services, fees, and terms to avoid issues.

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Freelance Agreement Template

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Freelance Agreement Template

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