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Free Printable Invoice Template (PDF)

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Free Printable Invoice Template (PDF)

Drafting and sending of invoices is a necessary aspect of your business. This vital business activity, if not monitored, may end up consuming valuable time you could have invested in executing a project or sourcing for new contracts. Invoicing can be effectively done if only you employ solutions that would make the process seamless. Since invoicing is part of almost everyday business, it will help if you get a free printable invoice template PDF that you can always use to bill your clients. 

An invoice is a non-negotiable document that a seller issues to a buyer. It is an official document used to request payment from clients who received goods or services. Every invoice is unique and should cover the details of transactions in which the bill is used to charge. These include the goods or services provided, the quantity, fees or rate, and the total amount due. With a free printable invoice template PDF, you can meet all the requirements of invoicing and still have ample time to deal with your core business functionalities.

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Why use a free printable invoice template (PDF)

Getting an invoice template will do you more good if you render recurring services to clients. A blank or editable template will help you achieve better invoicing and consequently, faster payment when your customers get the bill on time. You can always download a template of your choice or design one online if you will.

It is possible to create your template online with few clicks using free online solutions. If you make one online, you can download the free printable invoice template PDF to your local machine and keep for record purposes. This is also essential should in case you have to present a physical copy of the document to a client, board, or tax reconciliation. 

What information should my free printable invoice (PDF) include?

There's no hard and fast rule for drafting an invoice. However, a professional invoice would provide basic information about the details of a transaction. A detailed invoice would help, but it is recommended you provide just enough information for your client to clear your payment.

See the elements you mustn't miss when creating your free printable invoice template PDF.

1. Header section

The first thing you want to do is create a professional header for your invoice. Include your business name using a professional font. You may also add your business logo and don’t forget to make your business color theme of the document

2. Contact information

This section should at least include your mailing address, email address, phone contact and website.

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3. Client information

Add relevant contact information of your client like name, address, and website. Sometimes, the payer(Bill -to-party) may be different from the individual that requested your service. So, ensure you address the document to the appropriate individual or body

4. Date & invoicing number

Every invoice should carry the date it was created; it is part of the details that makes the bill an official business document. You may also include the date you rendered the services or supplied goods as the case may be. Your free printable invoice template PDF should carry a unique invoice number to identify the document. 

5. Details of service

Next are the details of the services rendered. List what you've done and briefly describe them. You may create a table or enter each service on a line to make it easy to understand

6. Payment & terms of service

State your billing policy once again and include the fees for each service. Include all the fees that affect the total amount and put the total on a separate line. Sales tax applicable in 45 US states and shipping fees are common elements that affect the total amount. Payment terms and conditions may include your preferred payment method and the due date of payment.

Create your own
Printable Invoice Template (PDF)

Create your own

Free Printable Invoice Template (PDF)

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