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Mobile application contracts aren't only promises between a mobile application designer and client; they're legal agreements. They involve mobile application designer and client that agree to build a mobile application design and in return for a 'consideration,' such as monetary compensation.

Mobile application Contracts are voluntary legal agreements between mobile application designer and client that outline each party�s rights and obligations. Oral and written contracts are both legally valid, but for business purposes, the old-fashioned concept of �doing business on a handshake� is falling out of favor. The complexity of modern business contracts, together with accounting procedures, employment regulations, disputes, and subsequent litigation, has made it advisable for businesses of all sizes to have their contracts in writing.

Mobile Application designing contracts typically include a negotiation process in which various terms to which each party must abide are stipulated. Both parties frequently use contracts to ensure that a certain level of service is maintained or that competing companies do not have access to specific economic resources.

Contracts also can include a process for making changes or addendums to the agreement. The negotiation process may take days, weeks or months, depending on the contract and the contractual responsibility of each party.