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Free Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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Free Invoice Template (Google Docs)

Invoicing is an essential aspect of your business empire, and it is part of the necessary administrative activity that demands time and effort. Although invoicing is an essential business element, it doesn't have to be burdensome considering the different electronic solutions that may not be far from your reach. For instance, you can easily access a free invoice template Google Docs to bill your client at an optimum level of availability.

While some global organizations may require accounting software and expensive invoicing solutions, freelancers and individual consultants don't have to spend a fortune buying an invoicing application. With a free invoice template Google Docs, you are sure to save time and money while effectively meeting your billing requirements. 

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Google Docs invoicing is one of the new solutions that are fast displacing traditional invoicing systems like hand-written documents. Users have a lot of benefits using the Google Docs solution to bill their clients. First, the solution is free, and you can access it if you have a Gmail account. Google Docs is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create invoices and other documents and send them to your client electronically. You can create a free invoice template Google Docs in one format and expert to another if you so desire.

You can create your desired templates within a few minutes, save to your local computer or send it to your clients online. It is also possible to invite others to check or edit your template before sending it. Now, you don't have to worry about the security of your invoice since the solution is based on cloud storage. You can encrypt the document and access it whenever you want online with given to only the people you've permitted. Learn how to create a free invoice template google docs template on this page.

Creating a free invoice template in Google Docs

Google docs invoicing is an intuitive solution to create your billing document. It is an invoicing tool every small business should know. You mustn't be a tech geek to come up with a professional template using the platform.

See the information that must be missing from your free invoice template Google Docs template.

1. Professional header

Create a header for the document, and that should carry your business name with lettering a bit bigger than others what you have in other parts of the bill. You may also add your logo, but ignore it if you don't have one. 

2. Contact information

Include your contact information- mailing address, email, phone number, and website. This should also be followed by the recipient's information.

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3. Date & invoice number

The top right side of the document should carry the date you created the bill. Also, generate a unique invoice number to identify the form. It is best to choose an invoicing number with a definite pattern or sequence to make things easy, selecting a number for another invoice for the same client.

4. Service details & compensation

List your services or the work you’ve performed and put the fees for each activity. State your billing policy once again if you have a unique way of charging the client. Fixed billing and hourly billing rates are common methods used by freelancers and independent contractors.

5. Payment terms

Include your preferred payment terms when creating your free invoice template Google Docs. State if you prefer direct bank credit, credit card, or other payment processing methods like Paypal.

6. Note

Add an optional note section to say communicate any other information to your client; a thank you note may go a long way to seal a repeating task

Benefits of using invoice templates in Google Docs

  1. The solution is intuitive and easy to use
  2. It is fast and saves time.
  3. Useful for record-keeping and tracking your account receivables
  4. It reduces errors
  5. Useful to send recurring invoices
  6. Great for automation
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Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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Free Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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