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With more and more people accessing the web, working as a freelance designer can lead to many advantages. If you own website or app design skills, don't waste any time and check this free design contract. It will let you focus on your work without the worry of not being paid.

The importance of appealing mobile apps and websites has become central to companies and organizations that wish to expand their customer base. It is a fact that people rely on the internet to get information about almost anything: health, business world, restaurant reviews� and so on. But the richness of content would be nothing without an attractive design. That's why you should bet on your skills and get the most out of them with our free design contract.

The agreement was specifically created for designers like you, so make sure that you and your client will sign this free design contract. Do not forget to state the scope of your work: you should set clear expectations with your client on what you will do, and specify that you will charge any additional work. Also, don't forget to fix a deadline and the payment terms. Finally, the issue of intellectual property is also very important; its ownership should only transfer over to the client once you have been paid for your work.