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Freelance creatives have to pay close attention to branding. Freelancers are highly sought after. For this reason, one has to do whatever is necessary to stand out from the competition. Branding offers an opportunity for doing exactly that. The free creative brief template can provide a powerful avenue for branding your consultancy and letting clients know that you’re not like the other unprofessional consultants.

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Below are a few ideas worth incorporating in the creative brief to brand yourself.

1. Focus on building personal relationships

Ideally, your relationships with clients should be as professional as possible. However, clients already have professional relationships with other freelancers in your niche. Therefore, you are better off offering them something more. The free creative brief template is highly effective at providing you with more information regarding any of your clients. Use this information to kickstart the process of building personal relationships with clients.

The personal relationships you have with all clients are your brand’s foundation.

2. Put more emphasis on what sets you apart

Each freelancer has a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. The freelance clients are unlikely to show too much interest in your weaknesses, though. It’s incumbent upon you to place more emphasis on your strengths. What sets you apart? What is your biggest strength? What skills do you have? What can you create for your client? Consultants who are serious about personal branding must use the creative brief template for:

  • Showing unique capabilities
  • Displaying positive traits
  • Delivering what the client needs

3. Where is your unique visual identity?

Now, the creative brief template aims to convey specific messages between the consultant and clients. It’s only 1-2 pages long. It doesn’t offer much space for writing everything you would wish to inform the client about your consultancy. However, the little space is enough for displaying the unique visual identity that sets you apart. Therefore, make sure the document has your consultancy’s logo, URL and contact information.

Design the brief template attractively. Avoid creating bland templates, which are not visually appealing to clients.

4. Reinforce your credibility

Brands understand the importance of credibility. You can learn to build the level of credibility that makes it easier for clients to trust you. Work on being a creative consultant with stellar character. The type of questions you ask on the free creative brief template should demonstrate the fact that you value quality. Avoid filling this document with fluff. Remember, everything in the brief template tells the clients a lot about you too!

5. Convey your personality

Branding is all about marketing the qualities that set you apart as a freelance creative. For this reason, learn to use the creative brief for conveying your personality. Offer your clients a chance of knowing you at a personal level. The skills that your clients are willing to pay for should feature a healthy dose of your personality too. You could also offer clients a few free gifts – including discounts and after-sales services – as a way of branding the consultancy.

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6. Let clients hear your personal voice

As you may have noticed here, the running theme is personality. It’s difficult to talk about personality if your personal voice is lacking. Therefore, the free creative brief template should be full of your personal voice. A personal voice focuses on broadcasting your brand’s identity and values. More critically, it also aligns with the expertise you possess, which also set you apart from other consultants.

Fill the brief template with positivity and confidence. Clients aren’t too interested in negative stuff. For the most part, negativity doesn’t sell. Take careful steps to deliberately build the kind of brand your clients would be more than happy to associate with regardless of the niche or age of your freelancing business. Be intentional in all your endeavors too. This offers you a further proof for crafting a topnotch free creative brief template!