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Free Consultant Agreement Template

After years of experience in a particular profession, you are ready to start a flourishing career as a consultant. You are confident about your skills but are unsure about realizing your fee once you have delivered the assignment for the client. The reason for your insecurity - you don't have a professional contract in place. Is this your story?

Well, like millions of freelance consultants all over the world, there is only one way forward to overcome this challenge - create a free consultant agreement template yourself! Sounds frightening? Well, it shouldn't be!

You must have gone online to search for templates and even found some which you feel are appropriate but are still not confident. 

Here is where we come in. We will guide you regarding the dos and don'ts for drafting an agreement as a freelancer. Once you know the basics, you can refer to a template online and customize it as per your requirements. 

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Here we discuss some important tips to help you draft a free consultant agreement template.

1. Parties involved

When drafting the agreement, you need to mention the names of the parties to the agreement. Your details as a freelancing consultant and the details of the client with whom you are entering into an agreement are required. 

2. Purpose of the agreement

In a free consultant agreement template, the details of the freelance consulting services being provided, and the client's requirement for such services should be stated. This will ensure that there is complete clarity regarding the expectations of the client. This section should also mention what is expected from the client. 

3. Term of the agreement

Since every freelancer agreement has a particular tenure, the start date and the end date of the agreement must be included. If, for some reason, if you or the client decide to terminate the agreement, then the consultant agreement template should state the notice to be served

4. Compensation

You should mention very clearly as a consultant whether you wish to be compensated through a flat fee or on an hourly basis.  The freelancing agreement should also include when the invoices will be sent, what will be the due date, and how the due date is calculated. 

5. Intellectual property rights

The client will own the intellectual property rights regarding the work done by the freelancer. As a consultant, you cannot make any claims regarding ownership of trademark or copyright for the product.

6. Governing law

Your consultant agreement should be drafted, keeping the laws of the state in mind in order to be valid. You should clearly mention the name of the county and the state to whose jurisdiction this agreement would be subject to.

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7. Indemnification

You need to mention in your freelancing agreement whether the client will protect you against any lawsuits and associated costs if the client does not follow your instructions as a consultant. 

8. Confidentiality

You should not share information relating to the client's business with a third party. This clause in your freelance agreement will convince the client that you will not disclose confidential information. 

9. Non-compete

The client would not want you to work as a consultant for any of their competitors for a certain period after the freelancing agreement is over. The number of months that you can't work for a competitor should be included. 

10. Non-solicitation of customers

You need to also agree not to get into any kind of business arrangement with the client's customers for a specified period after your freelance agreement with the client is terminated. 

11. Signature of both parties

There should be a space reserved for your signature and that of the client. This ensures that both of you have agreed to all the terms and conditions. 


The agreement in its draft stage should be shared with the client and based on mutual agreement, and some modifications may be allowed. You also need to ensure that the agreement is fair to both parties. 

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Consultant Agreement Template

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Consultant Agreement Template

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