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Those people who design and develop apps for a living will likely tell you that there�s a thin line between making apps for fun and doing it on a professional level. You�ll need to step up your game if you take your developing career seriously. You can do this by first drafting sample business contracts that will secure your interest in case of a job prospect. Contracts are important for they are your sheen guard when things go wrong. They protect both you and the people you work for or with. An excellent Free App Design contract can help you draft an agreement that will help you get paid without having to go through a lot of legal problems.

Copyright law explicitly states that a developer has ownership of the codes as soon as it is �fixed in tangible form.� This would mean in short, as soon as you click the save button, you own the copyrights of your codes. This does not rule out the design and creative content that is used in the app. In most times, you will need to use other people's design to develop yours. Nonetheless, you must be sure that you own the application, unless you want to be charged for copyright infringement by third party laws. This is the reason the Technology Assignment Act was put in place.

Every App design contract needs to adhere to its consideration for it to be termed valid. Consideration means the value exchanged by the parties involved so that the other can have an IP (intellectual property) rights. The medium of exchange in contracts is usually in monetary value. Nonetheless, it can be an agreement with the company as a future promise for sharing revenue or proceeds from the sales. The most important factor in the Free App Design Contract is the representations and warranties of the parties who are assigned to the copyright.
Another contract that App developers should consider is one that protects them when working for an individual company. If you are working with other contractors to develop your App, you will need a contract document with all those contractors involved listed on it. An example of these Free App Design Contract includes; work for contract hire agreement, Independent Contractor, and Mobile Application Development agreement. They have no difference as long as the �work for hire� clause is available. A work for hire contract takes care of the IP assignment for you. This means that when signed earlier before the work is done, you do not need to sign a separate assignment agreement.