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Film Production Agreement

The production of the film is beyond saying that it is just an art. Successful film production is mostly based on a balanced agreement. This means that the protection of the rights of the film is crucial. This status increases the development in the film production industry.

It is good that film production agreement exists to prevent any form of risk and miscommunication that is attached to every stage of the film ranging from the pre-production to the distribution of the film. The film production agreement must involve the cast, the production crew, and the production team. This must be done just before the major photography starts.

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1. The necessity of film production agreements

The film production agreement which is done between the two parties will protect those involved. This fact is evident because, during the production of the film, the two parties have extremely valuable things that they have laid at stake. 

These valuables are assets that could be explored very easily. In a way to shield both parties by protecting their vulnerability. The two parties must come to a consensus to develop a form of contract which is legally backed up as a proof of evidence of what has been settled in words. 

2. When to finalize the agreement

Agreement most times put light into matters that could look unclear. Often, matters that are misinterpreted and different assumptions are cleared. This agreement puts everyone on the same page all the time until the project is completed. This is proof of professionalism. 

For all those who collaborate, this is an essential requirement for you to establish and sign a contract. Lots of individuals or companies would refuse to start working if the agreement has not been finalized beforehand. As a freelancer, the importance of the contract would help in the improvement of your freelancing services.

3. The importance of a film production contract

For any business, the contract is always necessary. This is because the parameters of the job are outlined. It also encompasses everything that exists between the two parties involved. Here, any form of ambiguity and confusion is cleared. 

The agreement shows the client that the organization they are working with are professional. This status gives a good mindset when the right steps are taken by commencing the job with the necessary legal documents.  Besides, the service provider enjoys the credibility that the agreement gives.

4. Preparation for unforeseen circumstances

When unpalatable circumstances occur the service contract comes very useful. What is inside the service contract would assist the two parties on what to do next, in order not to remain static but to move forward. However, there are situations and certain things that the two parties involved in the agreement might not be able to control. The contract would guide the two parties from these uncontrollable things. 

Instead of permitting issues that can jeopardize the professional relationship between the two parties to occur, then provisions should be made for such circumstances. For the fact that the majority of results from a film production are unknown, the agreement is very significant. Definite freelancers might have the thought that artists such as directors and scriptwriters do not need a contract. But these people with great minds need protection.

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5. Why you should use a template

A template for film production agreement that is made available online for all freelancers should be downloaded. Its final document presented to the client will give such clients a good impression about your freelancing services.

The agreement is divided into two parts:

5.1. Master service agreement

This is a kind of document that boldly states who owns what, who does what and how and when things are to occur. Therefore, it covers everything between the two parties.

5.2. Statement of work

Both the master service agreement and the statement of work are often time attached. This document covers everything that the project entails. This is because the job descriptions included in the statement of work are more than that of a master service agreement. The details like period of shooting, location, the length of days’ for shooting the film, payment among other things are included. 


As a freelancer, you should come to an agreement with your freelance client based on the details provided on the standard template. This act will result in a beneficial film production agreement between you and your client. So, the document must be presented in a simple and understandable language. The document must include the necessary details about the film production and the basic information of the two parties.

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Film Production Agreement

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Film Production Agreement

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