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Editable Invoice Template

Invoices are one of the critical documents needed in every business transaction. It's a document that details the service(s) rendered per time, the total charge for the service(s), expected date of payment, and other important information. The service provider usually issues this document to the client before, during, or after rendering the required service. So, for everyone who is involved in a business, the need to prepare an invoice will always arise.

To solve this need whenever it occurs, some business owners draft the bill themselves; others depend on some free invoicing software online, while some outsource it as a freelancing gig to freelancers. 

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No matter the category you fall under as a business owner or a freelancer who has just received a gig from a client to prepare an invoice, there is no need to sweat over invoice preparation again. Thanks to several editable invoice templates available online. You can get a bill of choice ready within a few minutes. It has never been this easy getting a professional billing document from the cozy comfort of your home or office with an editable invoice template.

All you need do is carry out a quick Google search, discover the invoice template that is in your industry, and suit your service. Once you have identified it, simply edit the template, inputting your business details, and necessary transaction information. 

Also, you can be sure that these templates are available in almost every industry. Below are some industries where you can use an editable invoice template online:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Contracting
  • Attorney services
  • Auto repair
  • Painting

Having discovered a better and easier way to go about your improved invoice creation, it is essential at this point that you understand how to make use of any editable invoice template available.

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How to use an editable invoice template

Whether you are preparing a personal invoice to send to your client or a freelancer preparing the invoice on behalf of your client, you need to know how to take good advantage of the Editable Invoice Template. Below are simple guidelines to help us make the best use of the available invoice templates. 

1. Fill in basic company details and contact information

This should be the first detail to fill on the editable invoice template you’ve selected. Ensure that the business name and contact information are boldly written somewhere at the top of the bill invoice. Remember to include the name and address of the business (client) you are sending the invoice to. 

2. Write date and invoice number

Just after the names and addresses of both businesses, the date of billing should be next. Also, generate and write the invoice number on the document. Invoice number is a unique number that will allow you to keep a record of your invoices. 

3. Add service descriptions and rates 

Give the full description of the service(s) provided- the billing rate per service, the hours involved, and the total amount the client is expected to pay. Ensure that this part of the document isn’t confusing to the client. Also, remember to include applicable taxes and other charges here. 

4. Payment details

The next vital information to fill on your editable invoice template should be the payment details. Let your client know the expected date of payment and your preferred method of payment. If there are any payment terms, you would like your client to understand, ensure to write them here.

Create your own
Editable Invoice Template

Create your own

Editable Invoice Template

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