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As a freelancer, you should be quite familiar with the term Request for Proposal (RFP). It is usually the starter of every business conversation. To a large extent, it can determine whether the business transaction falls through or falls out. The fact is that your ability to earn more gigs or gain clients in the freelancing world depends greatly on how effective your draft proposal template is. 

Haven said that it is essential to mention that a lot of persons are still at a loss when it comes to proposal writing. As such, they dread every request for proposal. While the availability of several draft proposal templates can help you navigate this process, you must master the art of writing a proposal for yourself. Most importantly, there are chances of getting a freelance gig to write a draft proposal for a client. This article gives you a head start of the various types of draft proposals. 

Draft Proposal Template Sample
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How to build your draft proposal template

A quick Google search will show you draft proposal templates for several professions. Some proposal software companies are responsible for those templates. Some of the best proposal templates follow a similar structure, as described below.

1. Understand the gig community

Let’s begin in the gig community – freelance. Abundant potential abounds in the freelance community for every freelancer. However, your proposal is a key access point to unlocking these potentials. Freelance proposals are web-based proposals created to state service offered and value propositions. In writing this proposal, persuasive elements should be used to specify a solution to the clients' needs. Also, ensure that your “About Me” comes after the offer for the solution has been made.

2. Draft proposal outline

Another draft proposal template you will readily find is that of design. Typical of every proposal, this template outlines the services to be rendered in clear terms and the processes involved. The financials involved in the project is also broken down into the understanding of the client. Given the nature of the project, the cost can be broken down by unit, hours, and subscription. In this type of proposal, the company/individual’s “About Me” should come immediately after the introduction. 

3. Solutions to client problems

The draft proposal serves the purpose of providing a client with a proposed solution to his problems. Care is taken to ensure that the message is communicated in clear and concise terms – using statistics can help drive home the points here.

Other vital information contained in this draft proposal template is the executive summary (should be value-oriented), the scope of services (brief but informative), about us, project timeline, project cost, and others. End this proposal with a strong call to action (CTA) that makes the client’s decision easy.

Draft Proposal Template Example
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4. Credentials

While graphic gigs seem the most common gig in the freelance community, lots of people neglect the effect a well-structured draft proposal has. Although this type of proposal doesn’t require many sentences, when drafted well, it is very effective. As you introduce this proposal, please focus on the client's need and how to solve it. Your credentials and work reviews should also be mentioned. Adding some selected works, make the proposal even more useful. 

5. Financial considerations

As observed from different draft proposal templates, there are key areas of emphasis in every proposal. The solution to the clients' problem is one of such areas of focus. In addition to that, the financial services proposal also lays strong emphasis in the About Us section. The team behind the proposal adds great value to this type of proposal.

Therefore, to ensure your financial service proposal is given due consideration, your executive summary should be nothing short of convincing. Other parts of the proposal include service details, project timeline, and budget.



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