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An excellent written contract has many advantages for you as a freelancer and for your clients. However, drawing up a contract can be a rather long and stressful process. If you go through this process for every new client you get, you would soon become wary of contracts despite the numerous advantages. The solution is to use a downloadable contract template for your business.  

You might have gotten a few of your clients on retainers, which is good for steady income. Despite that, you still need a contract for other small businesses that might be unable to stay on a retainer. Our downloadable contract template will help you sign that deal in no time, saving you a lot of trouble. There are several benefits to using a contract management system that has downloadable templates. You can learn a few of them below.

Downloadable Contract Template
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Why you need downloadable contract template management software

There is no doubt about the importance and need for contract management software, no matter how big or small your business is, even for a freelancer. A search through the internet will show you a long list of software with several features. You start to wonder, do I need this feature or that feature? Before we launch into the importance of a downloadable contract template, take a look at some of the features that are a must for any contract management software.

  • The software should store your executed contracts with back-up copies.
  • It should have privacy settings that ensure that only the people you give access have access to your contracts.
  • You should be able to set up auto email notifications for important dates on your contract.
  • It should enable you to download and keep contract templates for your use.
  • It should allow you to search through your contracts using specific keywords. 

While it might seem obvious why you need some of the features above, not everyone understands the need for a downloadable contract template. It would be best if you looked out for this feature in your contract management software.

Downloadable Contract Template Sample
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1. A downloadable contract template saves money

A contract management software that allows downloads means you can save yourself some money on legal services. Most of these templates have been looked through by expert lawyers, so you have nothing to fear. However, ensure you ascertain that lawyers have vetted the contract. You can trust the contract templates on Bonsai has been approved by professional lawyers.

2. Make the downloadable contract template yours

You can easily make a downloadable contract template yours with designs and terms that fit your brand. Contract templates that are available online could sometimes be hard to tweak to suit your purposes. But, you don't have to go through that trouble with templates you can download. You can simply export the template to the software where you want to edit it before sending it to your client.

3. Save time and stress by using a downloadable contract template

You get a job that needs to be completed in twenty-fours. You know that the place of a contract should never be neglected, no matter the urgency of the job. However, you can't afford to spend three to four of those precious hours drafting a contract from scratch. At this point, all you need is an excellent downloadable contract template. Within a few minutes, you have your agreement in place, and you can start working.

Contracts help protect freelancers from several of the dangers of freelancing. You might think it will be too much trouble to go to a lawyer to draw up one. We agree with you. You don’t have to go through that stress when you can download one.



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