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Invoicing is an essential part of every business, even though it may be labor-intensive and time-consuming as well. Many business owners find this administrative aspect of their business an uphill task, which has driven some to employ third-party firms or accountants to handle invoicing for them. However, entrepreneurs and small businesses may consider alternatives that are simpler and affordable to do their billing.

One way to do your invoicing seamlessly as an independent contractor is to go for a downloadable invoice template. Such a template simplifies your work and gives you more time to focus on your business. The method pays you off, especially when you adopt some simple invoicing tips and strategies to get faster payment. So, it means you save yourself from spending heavily on software or third party professionals to handle your billing needs. 

Downloadable Invoice Template
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Bonsai is one of the platforms to get a downloadable invoice template that suits your business. On the site, you have the option of creating a model for your business or downloading a template to your local computer. So, you can always edit the template to fit your needs whenever you need to bill a customer.

There are many solutions to create a downloadable invoice template. Your choice will be dependent on the following factors:

  • The nature of your business and invoicing need
  • Cost of the invoicing method
  • The flexibility of usage of the method
  • The reputation of the system

A downloadable invoice template is simple to use and saves you the stress of crafting a new bill every time you have to invoice a client. Once you create a template, you can save it or download it to your computer to generate faster invoices in the future. Independent contractors and freelancers will benefit a lot using the Bonsai invoice template.

See the most critical information to include when creating your template.

1. A downloadable invoice template has a professional header

The header section is where you define the document as an invoice. Also, include your business name and logo and make the bill speak the theme of your business by adding your color. Include the date you created the bill and generate an invoice number for the document.  Use the alphanumeric system to reference your invoices; it is useful for tracking the status of the document.

Downloadable Invoice Template Sample
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2. Contact information section of a downloadable invoice template

Create a field to add your contact details as the sender of the invoice. Don’t limit this section of your downloadable invoice template to just your email address. At least, the section should contain your mailing address, email, and phone contact plus that of your client in the following manner:

  • 4491 Ahton Lane,
  • Austin, Texas
  • 78756
  • 512-465-0805

3. Add line items to your downloadable invoice template

These are the list of the products or services for which you are billing a client. It could be one or several items, but ensure you list each on a line if you have more than one. Create a table and briefly explain each of the items. Mention the name, quantity, rate, and amount for each item.

4. State amounts in any downloadable invoice template

Sum the fees and create a separate field to add this figure representing the total amount of the goods or service. Then, create a field in the downloadable invoice template to take care of taxes, shipping fees, and other elements like discounts that would affect the total due payment for the client. 

5. Total of a downloadable invoice template

Add the other fees to the initial sum and remove the discount fees if you offer any to your client. Discounts and penalties are discreet ways to encourage early payment from clients.

6. Payment terms & conditions of a downloadable invoice template

Clarifying your payment terms and conditions makes it easy for clients to respond to invoice promptly. You may add your preferred payment method and currency (if sending an invoice to oversee) plus the due date. "Due upon receipt" may sound too urgent to your client while Net 30 days, 45 and 60, may fit your plan.

7. How to download a free invoice template Word

Invoicing can be a complicated task in everyday business activity, yet, it is crucial for receiving payment and keeping a record. Every business needs to bill customers and get paid for goods delivered or service rendered if it must grow. But how do you carry out secure and seamless invoicing if you are not familiar with the system? First, invoicing does not have to be complicated.

You can always download a free invoice template word to bill your customers. There are many invoicing solutions out there with varying complexity and cost, but the MS Word invoicing system is easy and cost-effective to request payment from clients. 

In this article, I will guide you on how to download a free template in word and customize it for your invoicing solution. If you adopt this method, you don’t need to spend on software to do your invoice, just download a free invoice template word and use it. You can always edit and tailor the invoice to meet your business needs with our tips

Downloadable Invoice Template Example
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Also, you can develop your invoice from scratch with our guide if you need something out of the box.

7.1. Benefits of using a free invoice template Word

Many invoicing solutions are available to businesses today, including invoicing creation tools and software. If you run a small business, you may not need premium invoicing solutions or full software packages.  A simple, convenient, and inexpensive solution to bill your client will be best for you. This is where a downloadable free invoice template word comes in.

See what you enjoy with MS Word invoicing template:

7.1.1. No fees

Some invoicing solutions require hefty purchase prices plus subscription fees to keep using them. For the MS Word invoice, you don't need to pay once you purchase your computer with the MS word application. You may even download a free invoice template word and edit it as many times as possible without paying a cent. 

7.1.2. Ease of use

MS Word invoicing is one of the most recognized invoicing solutions for businesses. It is widely accepted, and there are countless tutorials online on how to use it. So, you don't have to be a computer whiz to create a professional invoice template given its intuitive formatting system. 

7.1.3. Flexibility

It is good to know that MS Word is flexible in integrating with other applications and programs that are commonly used by businesses. Once you download a free invoice template word, you can cut and paste Excel spreadsheets on it, insert images and send via email. The solution has permitted you to save documents in different formats from PDF to web pages etc. 

Downloadable Invoice Template PDF
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7.2. How to customize your free invoice template Word

Invoices can take various forms, given the nature of the service they are handling. Irrespective of the job or service performed, a professional invoice should accommodate the billing methods of business and include basic information for clearing the document. 

Getting paid is the hard part of freelancing and independent consulting service. But you can make things easier with a solid invoicing system.

See the following tips to edit your downloaded invoice:

  1. Download a free invoice template word from our site and start editing.
  2. In the header section, specify that the document is an invoice.
  3. Include your business name, email address, contact address, and phone number. Also, create a space to enter the information of your client.  
  4. Choose a preferred invoice numbering system and input to the field created for it.
  5. Include the date of issuance and the expected date of payment.
  6. Include the job or project code if applicable.
  7. Outline the service you’ve performed and put them against the fees.
  8. Add the fees and emphasize the total amount by applying bold to it.
  9. Include your payment terms and conditions. Also, add your preferred currency and payment method.

If you download free invoice template word that has no field for note, create one if you need to say something that has not been captured above. The note field can also take a thank you note to your client.

8. How to download your invoice template in PDF format

Freelancers and consultants have a lot running on their minds when it comes to running their business smoothly. Unfortunately, writing and sending professional invoices adds to the task you must complete as a consultant or small business owner. Crafting and sending invoices does not have to be a headache since you can download a invoice template PDF.

With a downloadable template, you can create and send an invoice to your client in a matter of minutes. How about downloading an editable format and then custom it as your invoicing template. That saves you time and makes invoicing competent and professional instead of spending on high cost invoicing software packages. 

If you download a invoice template PDF to bill your client, you'd not only save time; you'd also be promoting your business by doing so. An invoice is a commercial document that shows the price of goods or services a customer owes a supplier or consultant. Most service-oriented invoices itemize the service provided, fees, and taxes.

A typical invoice would also include customer information, payment terms, tracking number, and sender's information. Different invoicing solutions and tools exist for service providers. But if you run a small business, you might consider using a download a invoice template PDF, which is both cost-effective and intuitive to customize and use.

Downloadable Invoice Template Sample PDF
Image Credits:

Next, we'll explain in detail the basic information you should expect in an invoice before downloading for use.

9. What to expect in a downloadable invoice template PDF

Crafting of invoices and billing of clients doesn’t have to be a headache. You can even download a template online. If you want to download a invoice template PDF online, see that it contains the following details or else add them to it.

9.1. Sender information

The invoice must state that it is coming from you, the consultant who was hired, and have completed the task. Include business name, phone contact, address, and email address. Note that the document must state it is an invoice, and it should have an invoice tracking number. 

9.2. Client information

See if there is a field to include the client's information-email address, phone contact, business name, and website. 

9.3. Service information

Your choice template should provide a space to outline your service. If you need a better arrangement, edit and create a table of row and column if you have a few discrete tasks to describe.

9.4. Fees

Clients are interested in this section of your invoice. Download a invoice template PDF that gives room to state your fees according to the services you’ve outlined. Do well to avoid a long tally of fees; be definite with just enough information to let your client know they are only paying for the service you rendered.

Downloadable Invoice Template Example PDF
Image Credits:

9.5. Term and condition

Include the terms and conditions for which you provide your service. Sate if you have a preferred payment method or currency and add local tax laws that apply if you are sending the invoice to an international client. You may add a discount rate for early payment and penalty if the client fails to respond within the payment schedule date. 

9.6. Date

Include the issuance date and specify your payment window. Some companies prefer 30 days' net while others use 45 days. State your window to avoid unnecessary delays.

9.7. Notes

This part is optional as you may not find it when you download a invoice template PDF online. You may create this field when editing your invoice if you have information that has not been captured in any of the above sections. Some consultants add a call to action in the note field and also thank their client for cooperating to have a successful project. 

Final words

Your invoice serves more than just a commercial billing document. It is useful for tracking and recording financial transactions. An invoice is also helpful in keeping client data and the details of work, and it can create a positive impression with a happy client. Hence, the need to customize and make it professional if you download a invoice template PDF online.



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