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DJ Contract (PDF)

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DJ Contracts (PDF)

A DJ can work using basic contracts and vague agreements that have a handshake as the seal and signature. But once you start managing events with specific booking demands that excel date, location, and time, you should start thinking of having the specifics about your contracts in writing.

Every DJ expects a successful hire and performance; however, we must admit that a contract can go awry and degenerate into a dispute. Setting a DJ contracts PDF in place and signed before agreeing to performance would go a long way in taking care of issues that might arise between you and your client. 

A good DJ contracts PDF signed before offering your service can protect you from contractually being forced to refund cash to a client when it is not warranted. Besides, some clients may claim their event went otherwise even when you've delivered what was agreed upon.

In such a situation, only a legal DJ contracts PDF signed by both parties can ensure you receive your payment. Are you wondering what information a DJ contract should cover? These articles provide insight on the essentials of a DJ agreement; read on to find out. 

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What information  should DJ contracts PDFs contain? DJ contracts PDF should include relevant information like the details of events and payment terms.

1. Event information

DJ contracts PDFs should carry event details such as type of event/ scope, venue, date and time, total fees, deposits if any, and balance. Also, the clients' information, including name, address, email, and contact, should be included in the document. 

2. Payment details

Again, payment information such as deposits and refunds should be included in the document. Some DJs would request 50% non-refundable payment, but you can always employ your good sense of judgment should a client attempt to cancel the contract.

3. Provisions/material requirement

If you would need materials to run your operation, list them in the DJ contracts PDF so that your client can provide them to avoid delay. Mobile DJs may need a few provisions from clients such as table cloth, table, chair, work area, a power outlet, or amps. Also, you must request access to the venue before and after the event.

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4. Limitations & liability 

DJs can protect themselves from unwarranted responsibility for damage at the venue of operation. Also, you can request boundaries for your operation and your equipment.

Below is a list of what you may consider including in your DJ contracts PDF document:

  • Limit access to microphones to only appropriate persons listed to give a speech or toast
  • Right to stop performance if your safety, your client or that of your equipment becomes a concern
  • No acceptance of music from flash drives or phones of guests. Also, let clients know you don’t accept the pressure of downloading songs all night. Song requests should be communicated in advance. 
  • Give your self the freedom to deny access to your work area and equipment. You may request a having a guest request removed from the venue if risk or threats would need to go that far. 
  • Give no room for guests to talk down or be unruly rude while doing your job as a professional; it prevents you from giving your best service.

5. Overtime

Not every gig’s performance would exceed or go below the agreed duration on the contract. Make provision for the cost associated with additional time request from clients while on-site. State your fees for every extra hour on your contract to avoid unpaid overtime performance but be flexible in your terms as a gig worker

6. Signature

Your DJ contracts PDF becomes valid after you and your client have signed the document. It is essential to keep copies of the scanned document and send it to the email of your client for record purposes.

Create your own
DJ Contracts (PDF)

Create your own

DJ Contract (PDF)

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