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The digital marketing business environment can be harsh thus there is no smooth sailing, especially for new entrants. However, it is possible to secure digital marketing business deals through an excellent marketing pitch. The goal of the digital marketing pitch is to ensure the opportunity to provide digital marketing services to a particular client. This pitch is the first step in the bid to secure the business deal.

A lot is involved in crafting the perfect digital marketing pitch. The main component, of course, is addressing the client's pain points that you will solve. In the pitch, you will also handle the financial projections, marketing strategy and of course the product itself. This article provides a few pointers on how to get your pitch right.

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1. Get To The Point

As with all business deals, precision is critical. A good marketing pitch gets to the heart of the matter quickly otherwise the prospective clients will lose interest. If the investors don't understand the idea as soon as possible, they will think that their clients also won't understand. This move leaves you at a disadvantage from the first step. The best method is to start with an "elevator pitch," which is a pitch that is short enough to deliver the details during a brief elevator ride. This means that your marketing pitch should have an introduction that is concise and carefully planned, and easily understood. The elevator pitch should be as short as two or three sentences at most but be able to capture the attention of the clients.

2. Understand The Client's Needs

Besides getting the formal structure for the presentation, you need to sell the right thing to the prospective client. More often than not, most clients usually understand what they need from a digital marketer and thus, typically require a person to implement these strategies. As thus, it will be futile to try to introduce a concept far from what they expected you to deliver in your digital marketing pitch.

The only way to know your client's needs is to listen to them. Try to talk to them before pitching your digital services. Most businesses won't shy away from talking about their pain points thus when scouting for clients, make it a habit of encouraging open communication with them so that they get to share their pain points. Try to establish a rapport with a member of the business. From the information you gather, you can start drafting the digital marketing pitch.

3. Don't Be Too General

While it's tempting to use the same marketing pitch for different clients with similar pain points, you must resist the temptation. Always make sure that each marketing pitch is unique to each client. As pointed out in this article, know what your client wants to be solved so that your marketing pitch emphasizes your ability to provide the best solution. If the clients feel like they are being lumped together with other unknown clients, they will imagine that your digital marketing services are just as lackluster – a bad deal. No one spends money when they don’t feel the deal will adequately address their problems.

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4. Avoid Being Too Critical

While you will need to point out the client's shortcomings, being too critical will undoubtedly backfire. It's a bad move to audit a potential client's work without their knowledge, then presenting them with a barrage of bad news and criticism, no matter how qualified you think you are. If you make them feel embarrassed or even humiliated, you minimize your chances of ever securing the digital marketing deal. You come off as snobbish, and no one wants to work with snooty people regardless of how good they are. If you pick out their weaknesses during the pitch, let them know beforehand so that you will not catch them off-guard, and the issue will be approached from the point of mutual respect.

Be Smart About It

The way you handle the people you are pitching to will determine how far the digital marketing pitch will take you. Handle your audience with care, and not only will they give you the opportunity to discuss your business proposal, but they will also be more likely to let you manage their digital marketing efforts and meet their needs.