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As a digital marketer, it is essential to know how to inform a prospective client of the marketing services you offer. Thus, a digital marketing offer is the document that you will need for this purpose. Having a written offer ensures that the potential client gets the vital information to acquire your services, by convincing the reader that they need to make further business deals with you.

Whether solicited or not, a digital marketing offer works to help you secure digital marketing deals with prospective clients. However, how can you be sure that the proposal won't end up in the bin with countless other similar business offers? Some steps should be factored in when preparing the document and they are discussed in the article.

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1. Get the Right Information First

If your offer is to stand out, you need to include the correct information that will appeal to the reader. Gathering information doesn't mean that you should pick all the in-depth knowledge of digital marketing in a single document. The report should focus on the potential client. The only information that will stand out to the potential client is informed that addresses the client's needs.

As a rule, you are advised to prepare the offer after an initial meeting, since the meeting will give you the best insight on the client's needs at that moment. However, you can still use other internet tools to analyze the potential client's current digital state, and you can use this information to form a basis for what good you will introduce. However, the best place to get real information is from the client directly.

2. Outline the Scope of the Project

After establishing the client's needs, you will work on the scope of the project. The range is determined by the requirements specific to this particular client. By outlining the scope of the project, the final digital marketing offer will answer the "who, what, where, how, when and why" questions that pertain to the client's digital marketing needs.

  • You need to know WHO will do the work and who will oversee the progress.
  • Where will the work be done and delivered?
  • You need to know WHEN you will start. Also, when will the key milestones be achieved, and when the entire project will be done?
  • How will the work be done? How will it be managed, and quality achieved? How long will it take to benefit the client?
  • Why have you chosen the strategies and alternatives? Why should you work on the client's digital marketing needs?

These fundamental questions will give you a head start on the offer. The answers will form the bulk of the scope as well as the necessary resources you will need to make the project successful.

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3. Estimating Labor and Costs

Before you prepare the digital marketing offer, you need to consider how much time the project will take. This estimate will determine how much you will charge the client. Take a mental view of the project from start to end. Write down the necessary tasks and the realistic number of hours needed to fulfill that task. Add the number of hours to get a total, and multiply this total by 1.5. This over-estimation is necessary because projects can take unexpected turns that can cause delays. If you set the precise number of hours, you will have a hard time when a delay occurs. If all goes well and you end up with extra hours, you will have the opportunity to do bonus work and bill your client lower than they expected. The bonus hours will come as a pleasant surprise to the client, cementing the working relationship further.


A digital marketing offer requires preparation before the document is even prepared. The crucial information based on the client's needs and how much resources you will need will determine how successful you will be in the market.