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Does your consultancy have a branding strategy? If it lacks one, then that could probably explain why success continues to evade you despite your best efforts. A good strategy helps your brand to stand out from your competitors.

Furthermore, it highlights the kind of image you would like your clients to know you by. In this regard, a good designer proposal could play a critical role in helping you to accentuate your brand strategy more effectively. In fact, it is the blueprint that your brand strategy needs.

Below are different ways the proposal can help your branding strategy.

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1. Sets you apart

Any branding strategy worth the paper on which it is written has to set the consultant apart from all competition. It has to make the freelancer stand out from everyone else. In all likelihood, other consultants offer similar products and services to yours. For this reason, it is imperative that you highlight your strong points.

However, this would only happen if you can use the designer proposal accordingly to show the world your unique selling points (USPs). Remember, the USP puts more focus on you rather than the product or service you sell.

Find a way of including your USPs in the designer proposal through:

  • Listing all features and benefits that distinguish your services from the rest
  • Determining how your services meet the clients’ emotional needs
  • Identifying the aspects of your services that your competition cannot imitate
  • Creating short, clear, and concise phrases regarding your unique services
  • Helping your customers to know how they will each benefit from your services

2. Knowing your target customer

Secondly, a brand strategy involves taking time off to know your customers well. In fact, any consultant who desires to excel in whichever niche must invest in knowing customers. You cannot afford to take your customers lightly.

In many cases, freelance designers prefer treating all customers as a group. However, that strategy never works well in the long-term. A better strategy is to treat each customer as an individual. The best way of doing that is by investing in knowing them more.

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Some of the strategies worth applying to help you know your customers better include:

  • Maintaining customer lifecycle
  • Focusing on more than the purchases
  • Using all the data, you can get
  • Developing the mindset of big business
  • Identifying and acting on client triggers
  • Challenging your assumptions and those of your clients

3. Developing your own unique personality

In many brand strategies, you will see consultants using terms such as “value customers” or “excellent customer service” among others. As most freelance designers have discovered, such words mean little to nothing without any action. One way of putting the words into action is by developing your own unique personality. Develop a personality that makes your consultancy more attractive to customers. What is more, your personality should come out clearly on the designer proposal that you write too!

For this to happen, you would have to take the following measures:

  • Deciding who you are
  • Knowing your audience well
  • Choosing your voice carefully
  • Crafting your message properly
  • Being consistent
  • Using feedback from your clients

In conclusion, you do not have to worry yourself sick about writing a good designer proposal and brand strategy. As shown here, you can achieve all that and more by following the steps listed above. If you do this right, your consultancy would enjoy incredible growth. More than that, your freelance designing career would attract more clients. That would happen as more clients feel that they can identify and relate with your business. Therefore, set the ball rolling by putting these measures in place.