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Designers have long enjoyed a special place in societies and continue to do so (and this is only for graphic designers!). It's not seriously unprecedented though since we're all hardwired to feel good when visual stimulus in front of us is organized into some good-looking, meaningful design.

However from designers' perspectives, it is not exactly as easy as pie. There is no part of their routines that relieve them from the continuous hard work. Everything, from designing to business management to finances, requires some effort and these things can easily accumulate to become a burden. In fact, with the large number of client-related problems in modern-day markets, designers are bound to make several mistakes while dealing with them that can cost them a lot.

One of the biggest problems that designers face due to such nerve-wracking clients and their requirements is to make mistakes in invoicing. These are mistakes that are simply unaffordable since there is no point in putting oneself through such tough routines if simple mistakes in the final invoice lead to payment issues. So every designer should definitely be aware of the tools designed to help them out in invoicing perfectly, so they reap the true benefits of their hard work.

If you notice in the link given above about invoicing mistakes, pretty much every mistake is due to forgetfulness of the invoice developer regarding some important element of a professional invoice. Keeping this natural tendency of forgetting in mind, Bonsai has come up with its unique range of Designer Invoice Samples.

The introduction of these invoice samples has revolutionized the way designers invoice clients. Now you do not need to worry about missing something out when making your invoices; these samples serve as the best guide to designing comprehensive invoices. The finally chosen samples, after serious brainstorming, have been refined to include all things that are considered to be a part of a great invoice, so you are reminded of everything when making yours. These include the payment details, company credentials, invoice policy section, courteous notes and graphic information such as brand logos.

Furthermore, having an invoice sample also allows you to build your personal brand. You can use our samples as inspiration and develop your own standard invoice that speaks loads about your professionalism and corporate profile.