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It is upon freelance designers to make themselves as marketable as possible. For this to happen, they have to find ways of impressing clients. The goal is to make yourself the best choice for clients who need the services that freelance designers offer.

Fortunately, you can achieve this without much difficulty. As you will discover, most clients already know the kind of freelancers they need. Therefore, you have to make sure that your name is on top of their lips. Make it impossible for all clients to ignore you. Use the design RFP to do this.

How will the design RFP make you the first freelancer clients choose for their design projects?

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1. Provide as many details as clients need

Typically, the RFP is not a lengthy piece of document. Most freelance designers and clients prefer limiting it to a page or two. However, that space is all you need to equip clients with all the details they need. Here, the most important issue is your ability to do the job. Therefore, fill the document with a link to your portfolio site where they will gauge your ability themselves. On top of that, do not forget to talk about the problem that clients need you to solve through this project. Other details that must appear on this document include:

  • Pricing
  • Turnaround time
  • Terms of payment

2. Provide samples/portfolios

Secondly, the design RFP must include samples and/or portfolios. In fact, you should never wait for clients to ask you for samples, not unless you have never handled similar projects to the ones they want to be done. Even if that is the case, you should invest in a website that contains your portfolio. Such a website is crucial for freelance designers who lack the necessary job experience that clients are looking for. Read this article if you are wondering if a portfolio is mandatory for a freelancer.

3. Excellent communication

Third, you have to be an excellent communicator. Now, be careful not to overdo anything. Instead, ensure that you relay messages to clients on a timely basis. Avoid a situation where clients are not aware of the project’s status. Do not leave your customers in the wilderness. Provide them with regular updates. Ask questions where necessary too. Ask for clarifications for problems that arise while the project is ongoing. Good communication is all about effective customer service and wonderful client experience.

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4. Enhances your personality

Your personality can be an asset or a liability when you start looking for new clients for your freelance design business. Most of your clients will give you work if they feel that your personality matches or is compatible with theirs. Otherwise, they would move to a different consultant. For this reason, you should not hesitate to use the design RFP to let clients in on your personality. Charm them by being yourself. Impress them. Wow them until they are fully convinced that you are the best option for the project they have in mind.

Freelance clients are likely to warm up to you if you display the following traits:

  • Purpose-driven
  • Hands-on
  • Long-term outlook
  • Self-disciple
  • Confidence
  • Detail-oriented
  • Efficient communicator
  • Tenacity
  • Deadline-driven

As shown above, design RFP is an excellent tool for wowing your prospective clients. It also works well with all your existing customers. Use it to show your clients that you are interested in the services they offer. More importantly, display your competency as a freelance designer on the document. As you do this, your freelancing business will grow as more clients spread the news everywhere. Additionally, your reputation will also receive a major boost, which then means more projects – and money – for you.