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All freelance designers must find ways of impressing clients until they fall head-over-heels in love with their services. The design proposal sample can help you to accomplish all that. As you may be aware, it is not easy to astound your clients. You can only succeed some of the time. However, you should focus on achieving this every time.

Fortunately, you can use the proposal sample to make your work much easier. By doing this, you would join firms that enjoy more success than their competitors by providing exceptional experiences to customers.

How does the design proposal sample help you to make clients fall in love with you?

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1. Create pre-customer relationships

As all freelance designers are aware, not everybody who asks about your services will become a customer. Initially, you only have inquirers, who only transition into customers the moment they buy what you are selling. It is important that you capture these people at this stage. Do not wait until they buy or pay for your services before treating them kindly or professionally. Everyone who contacts you is a customer in waiting. What you do from the initial contact determines whether they eventually join your list of customers or move elsewhere.

2. Manage expectations

Secondly, the design proposal sample offers you a tool you can use to manage your customers’ expectations. In fact, you should strive to manage each client’s expectation. Many times, unmet customer expectations lead to negative experiences, which then cause customers to take off. Part of your work as a freelance designer is to deliver what you promised each client. After all, each of them expects something from you. For this reason, endeavor to discover what each client expects from you early. The proposal sample will help you to obtain this information.

A few questions worth asking to discover client expectations include:

  • How do my services align with your overall goals?
  • What results are you expecting?
  • What else does your business need to meet its goals?
  • What is your timeframe?

3. Authentic interactions with customers

Authenticity in all interactions with customers goes a long way into impressing them, so they continue seeking your services. The good news is you have several ways of creating long-lasting, authentic freelancer-client relationships. Your business will benefit greatly from all this authenticity. In many ways, it will help you to notice how customers react to you and the services you offer. With such relationships and interactions in the pipeline, you would soon begin seeing trust levels shoot high. As this happens, the following will then happen:

  • Clients become increasingly aware of your freelance design business
  • Clients understand you better
  • Clients believe in you and your products
  • Clients take any action that you recommend to them
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4. Improved relationships build loyalty

Use the design proposal sample to convince customers that your freelance business treats them all like royalty. When you do this, you will notice more clients growing increasingly loyal to you. The beauty of all this is it does not require much to make customers feel like royalty. Here, your main objective should be to help them to see that their needs are your priority. What will you achieve through this? In simple terms, your business will provide positive customer experiences. Consequently, improved interactions boost customer loyalty.

Lastly, it is worth stating that freelance clients respond to all the positive messages you relay to them. Therefore, it is upon you to take the initiative by making your customers feel more inclined to respond to your lead. As long as you use the design proposal sample to demonstrate all that they hope to get from a freelance designer, your customers will have no problem buying into everything that you sell. For this reason, do whatever you can – especially what is listed above – to wow them!