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Irrespective of the field you are working in and the category of work you are associated with, invoicing is both a hectic and time taking process. No one really enjoys making invoices and sending them out to be honest. But it just so happens to be that invoicing is the formally recognized way to demand payments from those who owe you and consequently getting paid. So you have to do it no matter what.

In this seemingly constricting situation, the best possible course of action to take is to look for ways to try and improve on our invoicing methods and get more involved in it. How illogical it might sound, but there are several loopholes in common invoicing practices that can be filled not only to kill boredom but also to optimize the whole process.

Probably the first issue to address is the way you handle the whole procedure of invoicing. There sure are some basic steps such as making an invoice, sending it out and then waiting for the payment. However, this is just the infrastructure. You can maximize your business returns by observing loads of other recognized invoicing practices.

This article has awesome suggestions and talks about everything from client selection, contracts and the proper way to follow up with clients who have yet to pay you. The use of internet tools, such as this collection letter generator for following up, is also recommended to enrich your invoicing experience. With all these engaging things on one's mind, there is a lot of opportunity to learn and not get bored.

Then there is also the issue invoice design. A well-designed invoice always is greeted with a pleasant mood since we all know how aesthetics are reminiscent of professionalism and certain emotions. Give this cool article a read to get to know more about the importance of designed invoices.

Bonsai can be of great help with these aspects of invoicing. We have professionally designed invoice templates and samples in all formats: MS Office, PDF and HTML. These field-specific templates have all provisions for invoice-related details and visual elements, and are highly customizable. Our designs are also in proper accordance with top market expectations and are proven to be more effective than basic invoicing systems.

To ensure that every good practice is being followed, we have develop a helpful online software that lets you invoice with remarkable ease, reminds you to follow up when deadlines are approaching and makes invoicing interesting. All you need to do to start enjoying invoicing is to join our dynamic community and get started with Bonsai's user-friendly online invoicing interface.