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Invoicing is considered to be one of the best business practices designers can adopt. If you're a freelance designer or a sole business owner, graphic designer or web designer, or as a matter of fact anyone who designs and earns money from it, invoicing is something you should incorporate deeply into your work habits.

Not only is an invoice a formal, universally accepted document to demand payment from clients, but it has become more of necessity for today's freelancer. There is always a certain amount of risk involved in every deal a designer signs since many people are simply out there to try and get their work done for free. Hence using an invoice is advisable so such people may be warned of the consequences of their wrongdoings and you always get your due payments.

Another important reason for invoicing, especially for indie designers, is that it helps maintain a satisfactory cash flow . Liquid cash is always necessary to run a business. There are costs to cover on daily basis: bills, domestic costs, sundry expenses etc. Invoices usually provide a friendly reminder and an ultimatum to the client to pay their dues. What this does is that it ensures that all clients pay on time, thus enabling a steady cash flow.

However, as this article says, simply sending out an invoice isn't enough; instead you need a very specific, professional invoice to actually cause an effect. To achieve the aforementioned results, you should make sure you are using the right kind of invoice.

For this very reason, Bonsai has taken to developing useful invoice templates for professionals who wish to invoice optimally. For designers, we have a highly utilitarian range of Excel Invoice Templates. These are made in MS Excel that gives them a big edge over other formats.

First of all, Excel templates have an inherent quality of conveying a professional outlook. Professionalism really matters to clients and it is always paid off with equally professional attitudes. Then Excel templates are highly customizable and user-friendly. You can very easily add invoice-relevant information into the template, change it according to your personal liking and also make use of the immense functionality Excel offers in the form of formulas and mathematical functions. Finally, the best thing about Excel is that it is a software that is widely used around the world. So you will never face any compatibility issues with your clients which often lead to time wastage.

All you need to enjoy the above benefits now is to sign up with Bonsai. Happy Invoicing!