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Are you contemplating starting a freelance design business? That is great news! Pursue your dreams to fruition. Do not tire. However, you need strategies to help you get clients…quickly! Once you have worked on your skills – and you’re happy with your level of expertise – the next focus should be on attracting as many clients as possible. It’s possible to start such a consultancy and get the first client in through the doors within the first 48 hours.

What do you need for that? A design brief sample!

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Here’s how the document can help you get freelance design clients fast.

1. Be fearless

Fear is the enemy that keeps you in one place and away from the level of success that your freelancing design skills demand. Fear is restrictive. It limits you. Freelancers, especially the new ones, face a few common fears. The best freelancers know how to overcome these crippling fears. Your design brief sample should contain no hint of fear. It should be free of fears. It should demonstrate the confidence that you have on your abilities.

Clients are likely to feed off your fearlessness. Therefore, let it shine brightly for all to see!

2. Market your passion

Passion can be sufficient in convincing customers to place an order with your freelancing design business. Be as passionate about your business as possible. Demonstrate an equal amount of passion towards the client’s project and design needs. The most successful freelancers have found ways of merging their passion with freelancing skills. They would be a perfect example for you to follow in your freelancing journey too.

Your passion is attractive in such highly competitive freelance niches.

3. Persevere even when you hear "no" a lot

What is your goal? Is it to get new clients within the next 48 hours? Then, the best advice would be any that encourages you not to give up! Giving up would kill your dream before it even gets a fair chance at taking off! Perseverance is highly advisable in such situations. The many clients who reject your pitch are only drawing you a step closer to the first one who wouldn’t be afraid to give you a chance. Use your design brief sample to project positivity and perseverance!

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4. Demonstrate your creativity

What freelancing skills or service do you offer? How unique is it from what countless other freelance designers offer? What sets you apart from the rest? The design brief sample offers you a small yet highly powerful window to tell all your prospective clients about traits and components that make you a perfect fit for their projects. Use this opportunity to be as creative as possible. Creativity should shine bright in your communication and design samples.

5. Brainstorming with clients

The brief allows freelancers to establish a connection with clients. That connection offers the two parties a chance to brainstorm and reach an agreement on many of – if not all – the aspects of the design project. Talk about the purpose of the project. What’s the client’s intentions with the designs? Where and how does the client intend to use the designs? Get answers to these questions with the client’s input, and you will have a loyal client.

Learn brainstorming techniques to increase the chances of getting clients with a design brief.

As noted here, it’s not impossible to get the clients that your design consultancy needs. All that is required is to know how to use the design brief sample properly. The brief might be a simple document, but that isn’t a reason for underrating its effectiveness at attracting new clients. In fact, it is great at sieving through the list of clients you have to give you the best ones for your freelancing business.