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Designing an invoice is not exactly the most enjoyable part of freelancing, is it? In fact, most freelancers actually loathe the development process of their invoices as it is an extra burden besides work and takes up valuable time, that has an opportunity cost.

However, one must realize that this boring task has an upside to it as well: you get paid! This final outcome is perhaps the main source of motivation for freelancers to force themselves to design their invoices rather than simply jotting down figures on a blank page and sending it out as an invoice. Having said this, there is actually a point in believing that the more you concentrate on designing your invoice, the better are the chances that you face no payment issues.

You see, design has a lot of influential power on. We all are aware how basic design features can stimulate constructive desires and emotions in us. So why not use this same quality to impress clients? When you design an invoice that is aesthetically pleasing, you convey professionalism and discipline that can compel clients to pay you quickly and seamlessly.

Bonsai is well-aware of this trait of design and has thus come up with its Excel Invoices that are more than just simplistic invoice templates. They are the graceful incorporation of functionality and aesthetics that makes your invoices complete in every manner. You enjoy several benefits for using Excel to design invoices.

To start with, Excel is a software used in almost every computer so an Excel invoice would face no compatibility issues.  Then there is the fact that Excel is seriously easy to use, even for first time users. With a little bit of effort, you can master Excel and effectively use its formulae, formatting and other helpful features. Finally, the best thing about Excel is its customizability. Spreadsheet software basically allows you to do anything to a premade design which you can conveniently use to suit to your personal business needs. Here is an expert guide to how Excel invoicing can be done efficiently.

There is one last tip though. Customizability is a great thing, but DO NOT GET CARRIED AWAY. A common mistake is to overly decorate invoices, which is dangerous. Design may be important, but it does not surpass the original function of an invoice, which is to demand payment in an orderly way.

With all this valuable information, the only thing that remains is to sign up with Bonsai and get started with our Excel Invoices and forgetting about payment issues.