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 A design agreement is a written arrangement between a Client and a Designer on the terms and conditions of the contract.  In consideration to the mutual understanding made herein, the client and the designer both agree to the following:          


Work: The designer and client agree on the project materials to be used to produce the work at a fee agreed upon by both parties. The client expects the work at a given deadline agreed upon by the two parties. Work should be delivered at an agreed-upon deadline. The designer is expected to own the job he is going to produce. After handing in the work, the designer is required to cooperate in offering some amendments and editing the project upon review of the submitted work until the final design work is approved.


Confidentiality: The designer is going to have the client's information in line with the past or present products of the client, marketing strategy and other vital information. Protecting the client's confidentiality is a primary concern. The designer must agree to keep the client's confidential information intact throughout the work period and after. It's okay to display the final client work on the designer's website unless its prohibited by the terms of the contract, but make sure you give credits to the work.


Compensation: It is the clients's responsibility to pay 50% of the total cost before any services are started, and pay the balance before the designer hands over the project. If the time frame changes or the work becomes complicated and needs more time, the Designer can inform the Client and re-negotiate the work's cost and change the design agreement.  Taxes and other liabilities remain on the developers head.


Client Approval: The client remains responsible for any further processing of the work after receiving the work. The processing includes film outpost, printing, and many others. After the client has accepted the work, the designer is not responsible for any errors that occur in the work.
          Cancellation: both the client and designer have the right to terminate the design agreement at any time. If the relationship between the two parties has encountered a problem, the two sides can opt out of the contract.  Based on the percentage of project completion, the client is liable to pay the expenses incurred on the project. If the project is complete and the client cancels it, he pays all the agreed upon project's costs. If the contract is cancelled before completing it, then the designers have the full right of ownership to the project and can resell it or use it in any way.