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You have probably been running a successful design consultancy thus see no need for doing anything different. However, top freelancers always endeavor to remain ahead of the competition. The industry changes too fast to remain where you are. You have to do whatever you can to remain relevant. That often involves embracing new tools, strategies and solutions. In this regard, the creative brief template could take your business to the next level.

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Freelancers need a creative brief template more than ever before, as you will learn below.

1. Stop flying blind

You need a map when traveling, especially in places you’re not familiar with. In today’s technology-crazy society, GPRS has become essential part of traveling. Similarly, you need something to help you see where you’re taking your consultancy business. More importantly, you need something that defines the parameters of any new design project you get. The design brief template is just the sort of solution you need for this problem.

2. Improve your understanding of the project

You’re more likely to design something stunning that exceeds customer expectation when you understand the subject well. You understand the subject better once you appreciate the problems the design seeks to solve. Familiarize yourself with its objectives and expectations too. Use the design brief template to understand what your clients really want and expect from the design projects they assign you. Your understanding would help you to do an amazing job.

3. Boost turnaround time

Do you struggle delivering the designs to your clients on time? If you do, then it might be time to consider using and relying on a creative brief template. The template would be a big boost to your reputation. Use it all the time religiously and your reputation as a design consultant with the shortest turnaround time would receive a major boost. Consequently, you can expect your clients to pay you on time. That wouldn’t be possible if your turnaround time is horrible.

4. Guarantee quality control strategy

Freelance designers need to set outstanding quality control measures in place. Without these measures, the business would come crashing down. The fact that you’re providing a service means that you can and should never take quality control for granted. Without top quality, your skills would no longer be required in the freelance design industry, which would then prevent you from making a living out of something you are passionate about.

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5. Define and surpass client expectation

The creative brief template defines what clients should expect from freelance designers. It sets expectations hence the importance and value attached to it in this industry. It’s easier for consultant designers to not only meet but also surpass the expectations they and the clients know.

For the most part, expectations would revolve around answering the following questions:

  1. What’s the project about?
  2. What’s the objective and goal of the project?
  3. What are its deadlines?
  4. What are its key deliverables?

Answer these questions before embarking on the project. The answers will guide you every step of the way.

6. Define your audience

Now, you may think that the client is your audience. However, that’s not entirely true. In some way, the client is your audience. However, the design isn’t only for the client who hires you. It’s also for the client’s customers. Therefore, approach the design project with this in mind. Ask the clients to define the type of audience they want to reach out to with the design. The design has to reach out to a specific audience.

In a way, designers are content marketers, who must analyze and define target audience.

The reasons stated above show why you need a creative brief template today. Get and use it!