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Creative Agency Retainer Agreement Template

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Creative Agency Retainer Agreement Template

You are confident of your brand-building skills and know that you can grow your creative agency by getting into a retainer agreement with clients. Everything is under control, and yet you are unable to proceed with an assignment because there is no legal contract? 

As a freelancer, it would be frustrating knowing that you have the potential to increase your revenue but can't finalize a deal because you don't have a creative agency retainer agreement template. But the million-dollar question is, where do you start?

Just like everything else, the obvious choice seems to be to use Google to find a template and then modify it according to your specific requirements.

An agreement needs to be carefully drafted, including all the clauses so that the interests of you and the customer are protected.

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While an online resource seems a good place to start, there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to preparing a contract which we will share with you.

1. Appointment as a retainer

The fact that you have been retained by the client for providing freelancing advertising services has to be mentioned in this section of the creative agency retainer agreement template. You should agree to provide the services given in this agreement. If there are additional services, then those will be negotiated mutually before being added to this agreement.

2. Advertising services

You should mention the list of advertising services you will provide in the creative agency retainer agreement template. Whether you are providing internet marketing, website design, newspaper ads, or billboard advertisements. Defining the scope of the services is important to avoid disputes later on. 

3. Monthly retainer

The monthly retainer that the client will pay to you as a consultant should be included in the creative agency retainer agreement template. The client could pay you on a monthly basis or at the end of the project. 

4. Intellectual property

All the creative work that you produce as part of the client's advertising campaign would be the exclusive property of the client. As a creative freelance agency, you have no right to this work. 

5. Sole agreement

The services which you provide as part of this creative agency retainer agreement template will not be clubbed with any additional services which the client requires from you. Any additional services will require an addendum or an additional agreement.

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6. Payment due date

You will have to mention the due dates in the creative agency retainer agreement template by which the client needs to pay the retainer, including late fees for any delays

7. Applicable law

The state where the agreement will be registered will have certain laws relating to the advertising industry. If the agreement is violated, then the laws of the state will be applicable, and the decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding. 

8. Acceptance by both parties

There should be enough space left at the bottom of the creative agency retainer agreement template where both you as a freelancing creative agency and the client will have to sign. This section is extremely important as it will create a contractual obligation for both you and the client. This also indicates that both of you have understood and accepted all terms and conditions given in the freelance agreement. 

Take your creative agency to the next level

When creating the template for an agreement for your creative agency, it is important that all relevant information relating to your discussion with the client is included. This will avoid any confusion later on. While negotiations with the client are not a problem, the client should not be allowed to make too many changes.

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Creative Agency Retainer Agreement Template

Create your own

Creative Agency Retainer Agreement Template

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