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Copywriter Proposal Template

Copywriting services are in high demand as every company needs quality content to get ahead of the competition. As a copywriter, you would always want to send a draft proposal to the client before providing any service to save yourself from any trouble.

It is a professional practice to send a draft proposal before a contract is signed. The challenge is that most freelance copywriters are not familiar with preparing a copywriter proposal template. There is Google, of course, but finding the right one can get chaotic. 

To make things simpler for you, we will be sharing the information you need to incorporate in your proposal to protect the interests of both your client and yourself. You could download our template and add the information that your project requires.

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Whatever template you use, here are some key points that should be included in your copywriter proposal template. 

Inclusions in your copywriter proposal template

Before sending the proposal, you should speak to a consultant regarding the information that needs to be included in it. 

Here are the important points:

1. Covering letter

There should be covering letter in your copywriter proposal template. It should provide details of the services provided by you and your team including, the total experience. 

2. Executive summary

As a freelancer, you should state that you've read and understood the client's requirements and that you are confident in providing the services to the client. The expertise of your team should also be mentioned.

3. Testimonials

It is very important to include the testimonials of your existing clients in your copywriter proposal template. A list of your present clients, along with your complete portfolio, should be part of your proposal.

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4. Services provided 

You need to provide the complete list of services you offer as a freelance copywriter. This would include content strategy services, blogging services, general copywriting services, and content marketing services. You must mention your specific area of expertise under each service. 

5. Price for your services

You must decide whether you will charge an annual fee as a retainer if the client has regular requirements in your copywriter proposal template or if it is based on a per assignment basis. The service rates per blog, website copy, e-book copy, proposal content or sales brochure copy have to be stated. 

You should mention in this clause that if the rates are agreeable to the client, then the two of you can enter into a copywriting services agreement. 

6. Contact details

The proposal should mention your contact information, and you should state that the client could feel free to get in touch with you if they have any questions. 

7. Acknowledgement and acceptance

In this portion of the proposal, the client will be asked to sign the copywriter proposal template and acknowledge that the rates for the services have been accepted by the client. 

8. Terms and conditions

The freelancer proposal should state what editing of any assignment will include. If the client has some specifications that the copywriter must follow, these should be mentioned in the beginning. The client's responsibilities with regard to providing all the required data should be stated.

The proposal should be clear about the rights of ownership of the final product. The confidentiality clause should also be part of the proposal. 

It is very important that as a freelance copywriter, you study the proposal carefully to ensure there is no ambiguity. Once the client accepts the proposal, then it will be easier to draft the final contract. 

Create your own
Copywriter Proposal Template

Create your own

Copywriter Proposal Template

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