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Contractor Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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Contractor Invoice Template (Google Docs)

A contractor may be a person, business, or corporation who provides goods or render services to different entities under specific terms of a contract. You may choose to be fully employed or work independently as a contractor. Either way, there are several benefits to both styles of work. But if you work as an autonomous contractor, you get to control different aspects of your work like timing, rate, and schedule. Along with that, you have to request payment from clients for your effort. So, it makes sense if you seek a reliable and professional method to get faster payment from clients. Learning a handful of virtual office tools like Google Docs will make tasks like invoicing and other administrative activities stress-free.

If you are a small business owner, you don't need to incur huge bills on invoicing software and solutions. There are a lot of alternatives you can use to achieve seamless invoicing. The good news is that creating your invoice is pretty easy, especially if you employ the right tools to streamline the process. Freelancers and individual contractors can make use of the Google doc invoicing solution to bill their customers.

You can create your contractor invoice template Google Docs in no time, just with a few clicks and drops. Google Docs operates on a cloud-based platform that enables the creation of invoices and other office documents with ease.

Creating a contractor invoice template Google Docs might be a good solution for effect billing. But at first, that might sound tedious, especially if you don't know how to go about it. Creating your contractor invoice template shouldn't be stressful and labor-intensive. Bonsai online platform is a perfect site to get started in designing your contractor invoice template Google Docs. It offers a wide range of invoicing solutions, and you can always choose different formats to export and save your billing document.

The emergence of cloud-based invoicing templates like docs and sheets eliminates the need for hand-written documents. Handwritten documents may be acceptable if only you have legible handwriting. Else, you may be endangering your career as the consequences of poorly handwritten invoices may be grave. A recent study shows that handwriting issues point towards difficulties in learning, and a poorly written document would make you appear less professional.

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Hence, it advisable to embrace electronic invoicing solutions because of the following benefits of creating your own contractor invoice templates for Google Docs.

1. It is professional and eliminates issues of poor handwriting

A poorly written invoice would always contradict your quest to appear professional before your client. Your customers may not respond promptly if they find it challenging to decipher what you've written. Crafting your contractor invoice template Google Docs with this cloud-based solution offers you a simple way out of this predicament.

The solution has spelling and grammar checkers that ensures you avoid simple mistakes that may be common if you were crafting the document by hand. Although the onus lies in your hands to get the names of clients right and other technical terms that the cloud solution checker didn’t capture.

2. Send invoices faster

One of the most significant benefits of using this cloud-based solution to draft your contractor invoice template Google Docs is the fact that you save time and send invoices faster to customers. Independent contractors and freelancers often look for ways to save time and concentrate on their core business activities. Sending faster invoices is significant and often explains the difference between early and late payments.

The process of creating and sending contractor invoice template Google Docs isn't tedious and labor-intensive when compared to creating it by hand. All you must do is update the document and send it to clients electronically.

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3. Reduces error

You don’t want to create and send an invoice and later discover the document is replete with errors. Then, you’d have no one to blame if you receive less amount for your contractor services based on the amount the invoice recorded. Human mistakes are normal and may not be totally eliminated in any manual process.

A study showed that about 90% of car crashes occurred due to human error. Human error can be as destructive in handwritten invoicing as in car crashes. All these can be avoided with an intuitive Google doc invoicing solution. 

4. Automated invoicing

If you work with a particular client more than once in a month or a quarter, you'd have to send recurring invoices to the customer. If your charges for the repeat client are on a constant rate on an hourly, daily, weekly, or quarterly basis, it will make sense automating the process. If you embrace Google cloud invoicing solution, not only would you create a contractor invoice template Google Docs without stress, you'd also have the opportunity to automate the process by sending invoices automatically at the end of each period. 

Simple tips for creating your contractor invoice template Google Docs

See the information you must not miss when customizing your invoice template:

1. Title

Start creating your invoice with a professional header section that shows it is a billing document. You may include the word "Invoice" to achieve that plus your business name. Add your logo and make the document speak your business color if possible

2. Company details

You must add your company details and contact information. At the very least, this section should include your mailing address, phone number, contact address, and website. You may also include your social media handles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. It makes it easy for clients to contact you when there is a need.

3. Customer contact details

You make things easy for your customer to claim responsibility for the bill when you include their contact details-name, contact address, mailing address, and phone number. It also makes it easy keeping customer-specific records of paid and unpaid bills

4. Invoicing number & date

An invoice number is relevant to your contractor invoice template Google Docs because it settles the score of the period you created and sent the document. You may also include the date you supplied goods or render specific services to the client. Next is the invoicing number, which must be unique to track and monitor the document.

5. Product/service details

This is where you provide all the relevant details regarding your product or service plus the amount due. Highlight each product or service on or create a table if you have several of them. A brief description may also help in clarifying what the customer is paying for.

6. Fees & discounts

Sum the amount before tax and include other fees that would affect the total receivable.  Tax, discounts, shipping fees are typical elements that affect the total amount when creating your contractor invoice template Google Docs. Sum the total amount due to after-tax and slightly emphasize it at the bottom of the page.

7. Payment terms & conditions

Include a section to highlight your payment terms and conditions. These may include your preferred payment method and currency if sending the bill to an international client and your payment due date. Payment due in 30 days, Net 45, Net 60, and "Due on receipt" are common policies independent contractors employ in their payment policies. 

8. Note

You may add an optional note section to thank your client or say anything you wish to communicate to them in this section.

Final words

Google cloud-based invoicing gives you the freedom to create invoices faster with less room for mistakes. Your calculations are done accurately, there's little or no footprint on your desk, and you don’t have to stress anyone or take extra care to ensure the document gets to your customer. Ultimately, you become a good record keeper as every contractor invoice template Google Docs sent is stored in the cloud and becomes easy to retrieve.

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Contractor Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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Contractor Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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