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Contractor Invoice Template

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Contractor Invoice Template

Independent contractors and freelancers are hired to render different services- painting, writing, plumbing, photography, roofing, among others. The independent workforce industry is one of the fastest-growing niches, and there seems to be a surge in demand for independent contractors and kinds of skilled personnel. The Freelance workforce, otherwise known as the Gig economy, generated about $1Trillion in revenue in the US in 2019. That was a staggering number, with over 57 million American freelancers representing 35% of the US workforce. So, if you are in the business of providing specialized services for a client, you are probably in a promising industry.

But along with your skills in rendering your services excellently, you should develop solutions to handle the day-to-day paperwork of your business. One of the administrative tasks you should pay attention to is invoicing. A professional contractor invoice template will not only help request payment from your client, but it will also help you keep a proper record of your work and cash-inflow. 

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Developing a sound contractor billing format is essential to your business. It gives you the avenue to provide a detailed summary of the work you complete for a client without wasting so much time. You can get a template ready within a few minutes if you choose to develop one online. Electronic invoices are fast displacing hand-written documents, and their features make them effective for business invoicing. If you want to create an electronic contractor invoice template, see the next section of this article. 

How to create a contractor invoice template online

Contractors need not spend useful time for projects on developing invoices. There are a myriad of invoicing solutions that take that stress of you, giving you more time to focus on your core business functionalities. One of the fastest ways to create your contractor invoice template is to download a sample online and edit for your use. Besides, if you desire a custom template, Bonsai can help you create a solid one. Just provide all the relevant details on the solution page and create your unique independent contractor invoice template within minutes. You can download the template or fill and send directly to your client automatically.

See the steps to create one below:

  • Browse through the gallery and download your preferred template; then, start customizing
  • You may choose to make the contractor invoice template online by picking a format and start adding the details
  • Add your business name at the top of the document; follow it with the business name statement. Choose a preferred spot to upload your business logo, not forgetting to change the background color to your business theme.
  • Include business information – address, fax, mailing address, and phone number
  • Include the payer (client) information
  • Generate an invoicing number for your contractor invoice template. 
  • List your services and briefly describe them. You may include the timeframe for which each task was completed. Creating a table or entering a service per line would make your contractor billing document neat and easy to understand
  • Include the cost of each service, labor hours and cost plus any other fees that will affect the total amount
  • Next is in your contractor invoice template is a section that highlights your payment terms and conditions. Payment method, preferred currency, and discount offered. 
  • A note to appreciate your client.
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Tips to create a solid contractor invoice template

  1. Create a detailed template
  2. Be professional and polite
  3. Set clear payment deadlines by providing "pay by date."
  4. Accept a wide range of payment option
  5. Personalize your invoice and raft it around your client
Create your own
Contractor Invoice Template

Create your own

Contractor Invoice Template

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