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Consultant Agreement Form

Some consultants and freelance contractors may still get business deals settled through word of mouth plus a handshake. Yet, without a solid consultant agreement form signed by both parties, you may be putting yourself and your business at risk as a consultant. A consultant, contractor, or freelancer needs an agreement form in carrying in providing professional services or advice to clients or companies in exchange for monetary compensation in the gig economy.

A consultant often has an area of specialization in a particular industry, be it engineering, human resources, accounting marketing, etc. Using a consultant agreement form to seal business deals is a safe business practice for consultants and freelancers. An agreement is a written contract that outlines the proposed services of a consultant. It also states the terms and conditions of work between a client and a consultant.

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What should you include in a consultant agreement form?

Many independent contractors and consultants significantly underestimate the power of a consultant agreement form while others are unsure of what the document need covers. That is why we’ll be providing you with the ultimate guide to consultant agreement writing and what it must cover. Every consultant agreement form must answer the following questions:

  • What happens if a client wants to include additional work to the project at the mid level?
  • What happens if a client decides to pull out of the project?
  • Should the contract distinguish between a one-off set up or ongoing service?

The above questions and many more about payment should be included in an ideal consultant agreement form to protect the interest of both clients and consultants or freelancers. See critical information that must not be missing in your agreement form.

1. Information of parties involved

An agreement form should start by listing the information of all the parties involved. It must carry the official names of clients and consultants, contact addresses, emails, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and websites.  

2. Service information 

Next is the service or deliverables that a client expects from a consultant. It may look easy to draft at a glance, but every consultant must understand the scope of the project and must be skilled in distinguishing between the type of service required.

Independent contractors must distinguish between a one-time service and a monthly schedule within a consultant agreement form. Failure to spell the kind of service out currently might result in consultants running into problems of multiple revisions if things went wrong.

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3. List requirements from clients and contributions 

Sometimes, contractors are just stuck with a job because a client has not provided information or materials that are needed to go on with a project. Sometimes, a delay could be in weeks or months only for clients to complain of consultants not delivering. The listing of requirements from clients may prevent this issue.

4. Payment terms & conditions plus compensation 

Payment and compensation must appear in any consultant agreement form as well as the conditions for which a consultant receives compensation. Constantly hounding clients for payment is definitely the last thing you want to do; avoid a vague payment term to prevent it. 

5. Timeline information & project termination

Mention the starting time and end date of the project in the agreement form.

  • Are the milestones to check?
  • What happens if a party fails to deliver what at what time of the project?

An agreement form should answer these questions and many more to avoid confusion. Besides, ensure the agreement includes terms and conditions for the termination of the contract.

  • What happens if a party decides to withdraw?
  • What about unpaid money or incomplete service delivery?

6. Ownership & propriety information 

Some clients understand the nature consultancy while others don't, so don't assume. Spell ownership of created material or ideas and let the document state transfer of ownership to the client if deliverables include it. Also, sensitive information shared between the client should be confidential, which the consultant agreement form must state. 

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Consultant Agreement Form

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Consultant Agreement Form

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