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Cleaning Invoice Template
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The world is fast evolving with freelance jobs across both developed and developing nations. You cannot claim to be current in these times and have not heard so much about freelancing. Now, services to employers no longer need to be tenured on long-term contracts.

This is so because freelancers and consultants have designed the best service deliveries for clients on a contract basis. As a freelancer, it will be helpful if you back up your remarkable housekeeping skills with good paperwork and financial management skills. Invoicing is one of the aspects to consider.

If you lack experience in this regard, you might consider checking a cleaning invoice example on this platform for a better understanding of how to design one.

Cleaning Invoice Template
Image Credit: demplates.com

Before designing a billing document, housekeeping professionals must take into cognizance certain factors that affect invoicing for housekeeping. You should consider the size of the home or property and the time it will take to deliver the service in your cleaning invoice example.  However, clients should keep in mind that the largeness of their bills is usually proportional to the size of their homes.

This is the kind of information that generates for you. 

Exploring a housekeeping or cleaning invoice example

A cleaning invoice is an official document to request payment from a client upon the completion of a cleaning service. If well explored, a professional cleaning invoice example used as an invoicing template can impact your business positively. Asides getting quick responses from clients, the documents make you appear as an expert and also help in good bookkeeping.

Cleaning Invoice Template Sample
Image Credit: demplates.com

Below are others in crating the ideal cleaning invoice example.

1. Personal & client information in your cleaning invoice example

The perfect cleaning invoice example template should carry your business name, address, contact, website, and logo. Also, include these details for the client as well and ensure you are sending the bill to the right individual to service it. 

2. Service description in your cleaning invoice example

You must have surveyed the home for which you will be creating an invoice. This will help you to evaluate what skill-set will be deployed in doing your job well, material cost, and labor charges that will be entered in your invoice. Your invoice should mention the specific service you have provided for your clients- window cleaning, exterior cleaning, or office glass cleaning.

3. Get information from your quote in your cleaning invoice example

If you have sent a quotation to clients before carrying out cleaning services, some information contained in the bill may be relevant for invoicing. Data like material cost and labor charges can be transferred into your cleaning invoice. 

4. Terms of payment & date in your cleaning invoice example

Add the terms of payment and the due date for the bill. Besides, create a field for sending date so you can always confirm the date of receipt of the document in case there be a delay in payment.

5. Simplicity of the cleaning invoice example

As a cleaning expert, your cleaning invoice example should be clean and simple. Let your invoice speak well of your professionalism and be flexible in your terms if you do individual consulting. A client can make necessary arrangements to ensure that you do an itch-free cleaning task.

You do not want to get involved in cleaning while your client is being disturbed by your presence. Get a schedule from clients and include it in your invoice along with any legal access details given to you. For the sake of clarity, include the date the job was completed and break down the total amount into each service charge. 

If you're just started, don't forget to check this guide to starting a successful cleaning business.

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