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Table of contents

Running a car rental service requires that you deal with clients for different hours, days, and even weeks.

As a result, you need a reliable invoicing tool or software that allows you to create invoices regularly while maintaining a steady cash flow.

Regardless of the size of your car rental company, recording and keeping track of all business transactions is essential for survival, especially in a challenging industry.

That is where invoice templates come in. Knowing how to draft a proper invoice for your car rental transaction will save you a lot of trouble; from speeding up payments to impressing your customers, it's a must-have for any car rental company that seeks to grow.

What Is Car Rental Invoice?

A car rental invoice is often used strictly for business purposes. It is a type of document that the car rental service owner issues to the lessee for the car rented for a day or more from a rental company.

The total amount collected from lessees is determined by many factors, which include: the brand of the car rented, the age of the lesser, and taxes. The most important determinant is, however, the number of days for which the vehicle is rented.

Besides, a car rental invoice affords both the company and lessees the chance to keep in touch after the rental agreement is completed when the need arises.

When Do You Issue a Car Rental Invoice?

As in many cases, invoices are issued upon completing the services rendered. The same applies to car rental services; invoices are presented to the lessee after using the vehicle.

Also, a car rental invoice helps the business owner to have accurate data on the usage of the car by the customers. These data might include: the number of miles driven by the lessee, the amount of fuel used, and, if possible, the number of extra days the lessee used the car.

How Can I Create a Customized Car Rental Invoice Template?

One of the best means of creating professional invoice templates for a vehicle rental service is the Bonsai invoice template tool.

Bonsai offers car rental companies the opportunity to create, customize an invoice template, and easily collect payment.

Now, with Bonsai, creating car rental invoice templates takes just a few minutes.

If you're looking to start your journey to seamless invoicing with Bonsai, the following are all the details to include and the steps to take:

Step 1: Download a free Car Rental Invoice Template

You need reliable Invoicing software to achieve this, and that's where Bonsai comes in. You only have to visit the Bonsai website on your mobile or desktop browser to set up a free account.

Step 2: Unique Invoice Number and Title

In the next blank space, be sure to write down the title of the invoice as well as the unique invoice number

You need this information in case of tax records. Some vehicle rental companies might opt for particular characters or codes for their repeat customers. 

Step 3: Include your Company name and Contact Information

The second essential information to add to your invoice template is your company information. This may include the legal name, email address, location/street address, and phone number. 

Step 4: Describe the Services you are Charging for

To show that the car has been appropriately invoiced, you must first provide some details of the rental where the "Description" column is located.

Ensure to mention additional information such as; the total number of hours the car was used and what it was used for.

Step 5: Amount

The next blank space is where you mention the price for each service provided. Ensure to add essential information and a breakdown of the hourly rate or daily rental rate (as used by the client).

Then, sum up the total cost. Other details you can add in this column include discounts, end date, subtotal, etc.  

Step 6: Date

Always remember that dates are important. You should mention the date you created the invoice template and the payment due date.

Step 7: Pricing Terms

Before renting out the vehicle, you must brief your customers on the terms and conditions of payment. Do you prefer they pay on a per day basis, biweekly or monthly? Let them know.

Whatever payment agreement you and a customer have reached should reflect on the invoice template.

Step 8: Vehicle Information

Every information regarding the leased motor vehicles must be added to the car rental invoice. This information may be the vehicle registration number, brand name, vehicle color, manufacturing year, and lots more. 

Advantages of Using Bonsai Invoice Template

As a car rental agency, using invoices from Bonsai can improve your customer's broad experience with your brand. It allows you to maintain accountability and transparency throughout the billing processes. 

There are many pros to adapting Bonsai invoices to your business. Let's see some of them: 

  • Monitor and track the renting patterns of your customers.
  • Allows you to take stock of your brand's growth
  • Improves the inflow of cash
  • Gain a massive edge over your competitors by enhancing your business's image.
  • Bonsai invoice serves as a legal document in case there's any need for disputes in the future.

Final Thoughts

Bonsai is a global invoicing solution tool that offers you a hitch-free means of receiving your money after every business transaction. You don't need to be a professional accountant to be able to use it, as it's pretty simple to activate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

Where can I find free car rental invoice templates?

Use Bonsai's free rental invoice template. It is easy to download and edit to your needs. Our templates look professional so you can impress your clients.

Is there a free invoice template in Word?

Microsoft Word's standard invoice template format would still require a lot of your time to customize. Instead, try Bonsai. Our pre-made templates are easy to edit, personalize and download.

Why do you need a car rental invoice template?

Having a car rental invoice template gets you paid. Try Bonsai to automate the billing process of your business. With Bonsai, you can edit your invoice template, send it off and save for later use.