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Cake Invoice Template
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As a consultant or freelancer that bakes and delivers cakes to clients, you can make invoicing easier if you use a cake invoice template. Such templates are usually in formats that you can edit easily.

Using invoices to bill clients gives credibility to your business and helps you maintain a cordial relationship with them. But, make sure you use a good template that contains all the relevant and useful information.

Cake Invoice Template
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1. Uses of a cake invoice template

Many freelancers and consultants still deal with clients the crude way, even though it is not advisable. While you might get away with such a crude approach, there are benefits of using a cake invoice that may interest you.

Here are some of them below:

  • It helps you to maintain and keep track of past balances
  • It speeds up the payment process for your services
  • In the case of repeat orders, it helps you to organize a client’s account
  • It can be printed in easily from PDF or other printer-friendly formats
  • It eases tax clearance processes and financial reporting

2. Creating a cake invoice template

You can create a cake invoice from scratch, especially if you can use MS Word or some other applications well. It is not difficult at all, and you can always use a cake invoice template as a guide. We strongly encourage that you use a template so that you will not leave out important details that should be included in the invoice.

So, before we look at how to create a cake invoice, let’s see some details that such an invoice should contain. 

3. Details contained in a cake invoice template

To foster a good relationship between a freelancer and a client, it is good practice to include certain details in a cake invoice. More so, it will help you to avoid any form of disagreement that will hinder future business relations. 

See our checklist below:

  • A unique identification number 
  • Date
  • The freelancer or consultant’s name, address, and contact information
  • The client’s name and address
  • A list of the services provided alongside the fee charged
  • Value-added tax if applicable
  • Total amount billed 
  • Means of payment
  • Privacy and refund policy
Cake Invoice Template Sample
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4. Step-by-step guide to create a cake invoice

We have compiled the following steps that will guide you to create your cake invoice from any template online.

  • Find and download a cake invoice template.
  • Customize it by adding your logo, your preferred font, and color, etc.
  • Include your name (or business name), address, and contact information.
  • Include your client’s name and address.
  • List and describe the services you provided alongside the price for every one of them.
  • Include the “Total Amount” field to your invoice and calculate the total amount for all services provided.
  • Include your accepted means of payment.
  • Add the “Note” field and include your refund policy, privacy policy, and any other important information.
  • Finally, save your personalized cake invoice.

Once you prepare your customized template following the steps above, you will not have to repeat exactly every step for each client. You will only have to change the information in some of the fields.

5. Types of cake invoice template

There are different templates for cake orders that are available to a consultant caterer. Sometimes, a cake invoice template is named to capture the reason for the cake order.

Here are a few types of cake invoice templates below:

  • Shower cake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Wedding cake
  • Layer cake
  • Sheet cake
  • Cupcakes

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