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Business Proposal (PPT)

The main purpose of a business proposal PPT is to showcase that you have the solution to a problem. A poorly written proposal can easily kill the chances of sealing a deal for the business. Remember that no matter how good and on demand the company’s solutions maybe, they can be rejected because of a business proposal that doesn’t meet expectations.

For this reason, as a freelancer you have to extensively do your homework and get your facts right. Understanding how crucial the business proposal is, then you realize that the client will not take less than perfect.

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1. Who is the proposal meant for?

A well executed business proposal must resent ideas in a way that effectively engages the audience or customer. For this reason, ensure that your client provides sufficient information about the customer you are itching. This will help in crafting a business proposal PPT that is tailored to the individual audience. This information will clearly outline to you the problem that is to be solved, making it easier to resent the solution effectively.

2. What is the problem?

Remember that a business proposal PPT is meant to highlight a problem that needs a solution. And before you can explain the solution the company is bringing to the table, the first thing is to show the client that there is a need.

Therefore as a freelancer, a deeper knowledge of the need of the prospect you are pitching will enable you engage them. Your proposal must state the problem in an emphatic way in order to illustrate the pain point clearly. If the client understands the problem, they will be willing to accept the solution!

3. What is the solution?

A freelancer you must understand what the client is offering the prospect in order to effectively pitch it. After understanding the problem, you have to ask for enough information regarding the product or service the client is offering. Here you have to take your time to understand the client.

You have understood their target audience, now you have to understand their services and product to be able to present a service or product in a way that shows it can indeed alleviate the previously described pain point. Understanding the client’s product and services will make you stand out from other freelancers.

4. What are the benefits of the service?

After you have understood the service or product the client is offering, it is possible to acknowledge the advantages. When you have understood the benefits of the services, then illustrate it in the business proposal PPT so that the prospect can also see the irreplaceable need for it.

This is also where your understanding of the client and the company comes into play. Understand the clients value propositions so as to demonstrate why the prospect should pick the client over others. Essentially you are answering the question why, the client is the best fit.

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5. What tools will be used?

You have understood the pain point and illustrated it effectively in the proposal. You have also clearly brought out the solution, now it is important to research and understand some of the tools that will be used to provide the solution. Essentially, this is how the client plans to execute the plan.

6. How much do they want to put into the service?

Finally, a business proposal PPT will outline the estimates of how much is required to execute the service. Ensure you are given a detailed price estimate. At this point you will be ready to go right into writing the proposal. The estimates are not from you, these must be provided by the client in accordance to what their company plans to invest into the service.

Create your own
Business Proposal (PPT)

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Business Proposal (PPT)

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