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A business contract ensures both parties involved in the agreement are protected. Using a business contract template reduces the amount of time you spend re-creating one for every job, while capturing the right details, and keeping your freelance business safe and sound.

Here's the essentials:

  • Description of the work to be performed, to avoid scope creep.
  • The price — including any interim payments, recurring payments or retainer arrangements.
  • Terms related to due date and late payment clauses.
  • Rights to the intellectual property of the work.
  • An out clause in case the relationship sours. 
  • The ability for both parties to sign off, (Bonsai's e-signature makes this a breeze)

How can I create a business contract with Bonsai?

It’s easy to create and e-sign contracts with the vetted templates available on Bonsai. Our business contract templates have been reviewed by thousands of freelancers and top contract lawyers. The contract samples give you the perfect starting point to which you add the customizations needed for your business. 

Make a business contract in no time, and with e-signature, speed up the process to onboard a new client, or start a new project with an existing client. It’s easy to create a contract once, if that’s what you need. But the ability to then save it as your own template allows you to avoid repeating tasks for every new engagement. Simply download the template and make it your own.

Bonsai business agreements can be used for any type of company, including sole proprietorships, corporations and more. With our free trial, it’s easy to get started with Bonsai and make a business contract today.



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Business Contract Template

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