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The best freelancers work on being as persuasive as it takes. Every day, freelancers have to persuade clients to place orders or buy whatever they sell. The actual task is never easy or straightforward. Fortunately, the brief document template can prove to be the difference in determining how persuasive the consultant can be. It helps consultants to practice and sharpen their skills where this is concerned.

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Below are a few ways the template can be of immense help to your freelance operations.

1. Promote curiosity

At times, you need to inspire a bit of curiosity in your clients to convince them to place an order for the products and services that your freelance business offers. You can do that by wording and structuring your brief document template properly. The best consultants are excellent at storytelling. Learn to tell stories with documents that – ordinarily – don’t seem to be designed for this exact purpose.

Your business would benefit as more clients find you interesting. Curiosity has several advantages to your business. Maximize it with the clients.

2. Encourage effective listening

Do you command your clients’ attention? Can you grab their attention in a way that makes it impossible for them to divert their minds elsewhere? Any consultant who can do this would not struggle to persuade these clients to take the recommended action. A call to action becomes easier to follow for freelancers whose clients listen effectively, attentively and actively. Look your clients in the eye, and they would follow suit while hanging on to every word you say.

3, Prioritize honesty

How honest are you with your clients? The key to that is demonstrating honesty at all levels or stages of your interactions with the clients. Be honest with them on the brief document template. Honesty is a critical value for any freelance business whose owner wants to be a success. It’s a crucial component of any consultancy. Honesty is persuasive. Honesty speaks deeply to the clients in ways that some of your best words could never achieve.

4, Demonstrate confidence

Confidence is equally persuasive. Freelancers who wish to persuade clients to do whatever they want or ask should learn to work on being more confident and portraying this quality to their customers. Confidence is proof that you know what you’re speaking about. It proves how much confidence you have on the business too. The template should be full of all the clarity and straightforwardness that you want clients to get from you.

5. Narrate stories

As previously stated, a brief document template is a wonderful tool for narrating stories. Yes, the document is quite brief, just as the name suggests. However, you can condense the story well with a bit of experience and practice. Stories persuade clients that you know it all. Stories are quite influential too. Facts and figures may cause the clients to pay less attention to what you have to say compared to stories, which tend to be more effective.

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6. Address client’s concerns

Clients will come to you with a ton of concerns. The issues they highlight can affect the project massively, which could then lead to huge losses for everybody. Therefore, persuade your clients by addressing any concern they might have. Use the document for this purpose. Talk about the issues with the potential of derailing the clients and preventing them from getting the desired results. Address the concerns to reassure and persuade them.

Therefore, learn to take the document template seriously. It could persuade clients to give your freelancing business more attention and work. For this reason, use the brief document template to capture your clients’ hearts and minds too.