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Brand Influencer Contract

Today, influencer marketing has established itself as one of the best marketing strategies used by brands and marketers to engage the audience and, in return, get a high ROI. Hence, a brand influencer contract is a common document to establish a legal business relationship between brands and influencers. Companies invest in brand influencers with the hope of increasing brand engagement and, ultimately, sales. 

A Shopify study reports that about 84% of consumers that were surveyed make buying decisions based on others' opinions- friends and brand influencers. Brand influencers gain access to the audience, especially those that trust what the influencers say. So, using brand influencers to recommend products and services is likely going to meet a positive response from your targeted audience. But working with a brand influencer has its challenge.

Companies or brands don't want to witness underperformance or run into legal issues. At the same time, influencers are concerned with remuneration and other aspects of the agreement to have a hitch-free campaign. This is why a brand influencer contract is a must for such a business campaign.

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Why use a brand influencer contract 

The relationship between a brand and an influencer is similar to that of a company and an independent contractor. It involves terms and conditions governing the agreement plus a definition of legal matters. It is only fair that both the brand and influencer know what they stand for, and that can only be established with a brand influencer contract.

If there is a clear-cut contract, then everyone involved has clarity and also knows their rights and obligations. The of a brand influencer contract include (but not limited) to the following: 

  • It defines the role and obligation of a brand influencer
  • It layout the scope of the campaign, duration, compensation, and clauses for termination
  • It establishes terms and conditions of work
  • Layout legal obligations

Understanding the sections of a brand influencer contract

A brand influencer contract should contain the following information.

1. Introduction 

Who are the parties involved in the brand-influencer contract? Add the name of the company brand/ plus that of the influence. Also, add personal information such as mailing address and phone contact. Briefly describe the project or put down the name boldly as the heading of the document.

2. Project details

What is the brand-influencer campaign all about? What is the primary goal and objective of the brand owner? Include the deliverables and expectations from the brand influencer. How often and where would the brand-influencer represent/promote the brand? 

3. Exclusivity 

Every brand influencer wants to know if they can work with or promote other brands. The exclusivity clause in a brand influencer contract defines the type of relationship.

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4. Remuneration 

Payment should be defined in clear terms plus the pricing model that will be used. Add if there are upfront payment, payment schedule, and other information regarding compensation. 

5. Timeline

A clear-cut brand influencer contract should include the start and end date of the agreement. It should also include the dates when a brand influencer is required to perform a specific action or attend a function organized by the brand etc. 

6. Ownership rights & confidentiality 

Everyone in the agreement knows where they stand if there is a clause that defines rights and ownership of materials and intellectual properties. Besides, the influencer agreement should include a Non-Disclosure section to keep the trade secrets of the parties involved

7. Termination 

No one goes into an agreement and expects the relationship to get sour before it officially comes to an end. But it is good to prepare ahead should a party decide to withdraw from the agreement. A brand influencer contract should include a clause that defines the conditions for termination plus the consequences that follow it.

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Brand Influencer Contract

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Brand Influencer Contract

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