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Brand Ambassador Contract Template

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Brand Ambassador Contract Template

Let's talk about your business. You'd probably been in business for a while now or planning to set up one. Regardless, your goal is to provide a unique product or service to your customers and, in return, get paid and make a profit. What are the strategies used to get customers and make people aware of your products or services? Every business has a strategy and marketing plan that entails promotional tactics.

These strategies may include advertisements, billboards, pamphlets, social media, and commercials. Using people as brand ambassadors is one of the newest methods of building a customer base. And if you want to employ this method, you need to draft and sign a contract with an ambassador. This is where your brand ambassador contract template comes into play. If you are yet to get a model for your contract, worry less.

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You can download a customizable template from Bonsai's contract gallery. Besides, we have included the basic sections that must be contained in your brand ambassador contract. Read on to explore the information we have for you on this subject.

Why you need a brand ambassador contract 

The increasing acceptance and use of social media have made the concept of brand ambassadors effective in promoting businesses both offline and online. People tend to trust the individual and their word of mouth regarding products and services. Brand ambassadors may appear at the company's event; they promote products and services in different ways. 

Whether you run a business or you are the brand ambassador yourself, you need to create and sign a brand ambassador contract to ensure a smooth business relationship. The contract is legally binding; it guarantees your services to the brand or business that employs you.

If you have no brand ambassador contract template, your deals will be subjected to verbal agreements, which may cost you, in the long run, should anything go wrong. You don't want to take such a risk. Ensure every organization you promote signs a brand ambassador contract. A refusal to sign that your brand ambassador contract template, suggests one thing; they are not the right brand to represent.

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What should you include in a brand ambassador contract template?

See the must add sections in a typical brand ambassador agreement template.

1. Identification of parties

Identify the parties involved in the agreement-brand or company and the brand ambassador. Include personal information of all the parties involved.

2. Deliverables

What precisely is the ambassador expected to do as part of the contract? What product, service, or brand is the ambassador promoting? There should be a professional guide on what the brand ambassador will do.

3. Exclusive relationship

How exclusive is the contract? An exclusive agreement implies that the brand ambassador isn’t permitted to work with other brands or competitors. Exclusivity often means more money for the ambassador. 

4. Length of collaboration

The brand ambassador contract template should include a field to specify the length of the agreement. Include a timeline to achieve specific goals in the contract if applicable.

5. Compensation 

Fees vary with brand ambassadors and what they are required to do. Exclusive deals are often higher than regular contracts where brand ambassadors can promote different brands.

6. Condition for termination

Every good deal comes to an end, but some may reach a premature conclusion. Provide conditions in your brand ambassador contract template that allows a party to walk away from the agreement. Is there a penalty for early withdrawal? Add it!

7. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This section contains the promise of secrecy regarding the company's trade secrets, most importantly and the influencer. 

8. Terms and conditions

This section covers other information that is yet to be captured in the brand ambassador contract template. These include the payment schedule and method, currency, approval, etc.

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Brand Ambassador Contract Template

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Brand Ambassador Contract Template

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