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Brand Ambassador Agreement Template

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Brand Ambassador Agreement Template

If you're a freelancer with a highly-engaged following on social media, becoming an influencer or brand ambassador can be an excellent opportunity to make an extra income. Almost 70% of influencers cite earning revenue as the number one reason behind their decision.

But, becoming a brand ambassador is not a piece of cake. You have to think about a lot of factors before signing any contract with a brand. That’s where a brand ambassador agreement template comes handy.

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In this article, we'll explain the benefits and critical elements of a brand ambassador agreement template so that freelancers can seamlessly start working with their favorite company.

Reasons why freelancers need a brand ambassador agreement template

There are several benefits of creating a brand ambassador agreement template for freelancers. For example:

  1. It helps you set the precise terms and guidelines of the collaboration with the company. This way, it enables you to lay expectations out transparently.
  2. It makes you look like a thorough professional, creating a positive impression on the company.
  3. It can be customized for every brand.
  4. It helps determine the course of direction in case the collaboration goes wrong.

9 must-haves in a brand ambassador agreement template

Not sure what to add in your freelancing brand ambassador agreement template? Consider including the following things:

1. Exclusive rights

No brand would want you to join hands with their competitors. That’s why it is important to add a section on exclusive rights, ensuring that you aren’t simultaneously promoting their competitors.

2. Repurposing rights

Often, brands do not allow influencers to share the content that is exclusively created for them. So, clearly specify whether or not you wish to reuse content generated for the campaigns.

3. Deliverables

Discuss with the brand and outline accurate and professional guidelines for what tasks you as an influencer will have to accomplish. Also, mention what platforms you’ll be using to promote the brand, such as TV, social media, your own website, etc.

4. Timeline

Lay out the delivery dates and timeline for full transparency. Clearly mention the number of tasks and the deadline for each task. 

5. Cancel notice

Specify the rules for canceling the collaboration from either side. Use this as an opportunity to mention deal-breakers such as public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or any unethical work practices. 

6. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

When you work with a company, you may have access to sensitive information. That’s why many brands require influencers to sign an NDA to protect their confidentiality. 

7. Approval process

Outline in the template whether or not you are required to submit your content for approval prior to uploading.

8. Legal responsibilities

Mention who will be held liable if anything illegal happens while running the brand’s campaign.

9. Payment terms

Explain the payment terms such as the deposit required, mode of payment, as well as potential due dates.

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How to sign an online brand ambassador agreement template

You’ll find plenty of tools to help you sign your brand ambassador agreement template legally without both parties having to print, sign, and scan the document.

Two of these online tools are:


It’s a commonly used tool for signing all kinds of documents virtually. DocuSign is extremely easy to use and has a comparatively extended free trial. 

All you have to do is upload your brand ambassador contract template and input the fields like 'signature' and 'date.' Next, send it off via email, and the signer can sign it online for free.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is an important member of the Adobe suite. The best part about Adobe Sign is that it can be integrated with other Adobe tools such as Acrobat. 

If you are an active user of Adobe Acrobat and find their suite of tools convenient, you may want to try out this tool when signing your brand ambassador contract template.

Seal the deal with a brand ambassador agreement template

Crafting a brand ambassador agreement template helps ensure that both parties agree to all terms in writing before launching the brand’s campaigns. 

Setting precedents and being transparent is easy and extremely beneficial for freelancers. So, don’t leave it to the wayside. 

Happy influencing!

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Brand Ambassador Agreement Template

Create your own

Brand Ambassador Agreement Template

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