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Bookkeeping Contract Template

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Bookkeeping Contract Template

Accountants and bookkeepers are professionals in handling, creating, and analyzing financial data. Besides the financial documents you create and analyze, the bookkeeping contract template is one you must not joke with if you consult for clients. You need a bookkeeping agreement set in place to work with a new client successfully.

A contract is an official agreement that defines the scope of work and the responsibilities of the parties involved. Usually, a contract gives a road-map for a project; it defines the goal and expectations, among other important factors that influence the goal of the project.

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As a bookkeeper, you may be required to provide a one time or monthly accounting service. If employed to provide such services, your client would most likely give you access to receipts, banking records, revenue details, account receivable and payables, and other financial information.

Hence, your client must give you access only after you've both signed a bookkeeping contract. So, you should think about getting a bookkeeping contract template that would always fit into your different projects. If you are still wondering what a bookkeeping contract should include, don’t worry. We have provided the information on how to write a contract in the last section of this article

The work of a bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is someone whose job is to keep the financial records of an individual or a  business. A bookkeeper who is usually an accountant is hired to create a system to manage the financial data of an individual or a business for financial reporting and tax returns.

A bookkeeper needs to include the specific service to be rendered on behalf of a client in a signed bookkeeping contract template. Depending on the client, a bookkeeper may be asked to oversee a combination of the following:

  • Bill statement
  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Payroll & Check Registers
  • Custom Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Budget Preparation
  • General Ledgers
  • General Bookkeeping

Essentials of a bookkeeping contract template

The contents of a bookkeeping contract template may vary according to the scope of the work it covers. However, some essential data must not miss from your contract template. See them below.

1. Identify bookkeeper and the client

The header of your bookkeeping contract template should state it is a bookkeeping contract, and that should be followed by the date the agreement was reached by both parties. Next is the introduction of the parties- client and accountant. Information of parties includes business name, contact address, mailing address, and phone number.

2. Definition of services

Next in your bookkeeping contract template is the accurate description of the service you are being employed to provide. You can provide a checklist to name them, such as Accounts Payable & Receivables, General Ledger, Bill Payment, etc.

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3. Compensation

Include your fees in the bookkeeping contract template and the method you plan to use. Some Accountants adopt the hourly charge while others take a fixed amount for projects. The hourly fee rate is prevalent among bookkeepers, and it fits for long term contracts.

4. Timeline

The bookkeeping contract template should state the date of commencement of the project and how long it is expected to last. A project may also be divided into discrete bits and assigned milestones date to measure progress. 

5. Material and data access

Because you are working with financial information as an accountant or bookkeeper, you should include access and authorization to clients' databases in your bookkeeping contract template. It is also good you mention that the accuracy of the existing financial data provided is the full responsibility of your client. 

6. Confidentiality

Since you will have access to sensitive financial information of your client, you should include a confidentiality section in your bookkeeping contract template. Signing the document means that you agree to keep trade secrets and client's business information that are shared with you.

7. Terms and conditions/termination 

The bookkeeping contract template must clarify issues about premature withdrawal and terms and conditions for termination of the agreement. It may also specify the method for conflict resolution.

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Bookkeeping Contract Template

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Bookkeeping Contract Template

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