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Time is a huge constraint in the freelancing world. As most freelancers know, time is of the essence. It always seems like you have no time to finish a particular project. However, you can learn to manage your time better with tools such as a blank contract template.

There are several benefits to using such a tool. The main one is that you get to manage your time more efficiently by reducing the time taken to draft a contract substantially. Typically, it takes days to draft a solidly legal contract. Do you have that much time?

Blank Contract Template
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How does the template help in this regard?

1. A blank contract template helps to schedule everything

First, the blank contract template helps you to schedule everything. Remember, a blank contract is not filled out based on a specific project. As the name suggests, it is blank but has the mandatory components that must appear on a freelancing contract for your benefit.

Mostly, freelancers operate on flexible schedules. However, that changes based on specific projects or clients. In some instances, the client might recruit you for a project that requires heavy time-tracking. Without a contract, you would struggle to meet your end of the bargain.

Secondly, you need to track your time well by scheduling the tasks the client has given you. Otherwise, you would be wasting time using the flexibility of your profession to procrastinate. Eventually, you could push yourself into a corner and lose the project or client.

2. A blank contract template helps to plan off-days

Once more, it is important to reiterate the fact that freelancing offers increased flexibility. This gives you the power to plan your projects or tasks with tremendous dexterity to set time aside for taking a break. After all, freelancers also need their rest!

As much as clients want you to work on their tasks 24/7, they also need you fresh and rejuvenated to work on those jobs. A blank contract template offers you a tool for scheduling off-days and taking that much-needed breather!

Otherwise, you run the risk of exhausting your creative juices and hitting the bottom of the barrel. Of what use would you to be your clients if you are not in the right frame of mind? Remember to schedule rest to celebrate your life as a freelancer too!

3. A blank contract template helps you to monitor your activities

Many freelancing clients make your work easier by asking you to record everything you have done. They do this with the help of time-tracking apps, which they specify beforehand so that you know what to use.

Time-tracking apps are like digital diaries. The beauty of having a blank contract template is it offers you the freedom to stipulate and talk about such issues exhaustively. More importantly, you also acquire fresh skills since you now learn how to use different time-tracking apps.

The ability to monitor everything you need has many advantages. First, it increases your productivity and efficiency. It also saves you from incurring and paying hefty penalties in case you breach the contract.

Blank Contract Template Sample
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4. A blank contract template gives you more control of your time

Another advantage is you get more control of your time. For veteran freelancers, nothing feels better than realizing that clients now rely on you. However, that could be like a double-edged sword if you let them down because of your inability to take more control of your time.

Through the blank contract template, you should let clients know that you do what you promise to do. Let them also know that you are willing to work extra hard to help them achieve their goals, which is why they hired you in the first place.

However, none of that works if you have no time to take care of clients' urgent requests. Since you are a freelancer, everybody knows that you are your own boss. Being your own boss is all about being in complete control of your time.



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