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Bid Proposal Sample (PDF)

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Bid Proposal Sample (PDF)

What measures have you put in place to increase the likelihood of clinching deals with your clients? How much focus do you place on the quality of the bid proposal that you prepare and submit? Success never comes easily to anybody. Preparing and submitting bids takes a lot of work. Every bid proposal you write has to stand out from the crowd. The contents on your bid are just as important as the price you quote for your services, as you will learn by studying a good bid proposal sample PDF.

How does the sample improve your bid and guarantee a win rate of 100%?

It Highlights Your USPs

First, you will notice one thing on the bid proposal sample PDF – the emphasis on unique selling proposition (USP). Increase your chances of winning the bidding war by without spending more than you can afford. USP sets you apart from the crowd and grab the client’s attention. The proposal should have detailed information of the unique solution you provide to a client’s problems. The bid should contain the distinctions between your bid and the rest. Your focus ought to be on your strengths. Also, do not forget to highlight the competition’s weaknesses.

A well-written bid proposal focuses on the following:

-               your experience

-               your fit

-               ability to finish the project on time

What the bid proposal should not focus heavily on is your marketing spiel or reputation.

Generalizations and boilerplate sales talk will not do your bid proposal any favors. Instead, what comes out is the fact that you have nothing important, relevant, or useful to say to the client. In such cases, your bid proposal will be nothing other than numerous meaningless words and sentences. The language you use, as you will learn by studying the bid proposal sample PDF should communicate your solid performance, consistency, and emphasis on providing quality work all the time. In marketing parlance, this is called ‘selling steak rather than sizzle’.

It Has Clear Goals and Objectives

The bid proposal you write should not be an abstract document. It should be a response to the client’s needs. It should be answer to the questions the client has asked – either directly or indirectly. Read instructions carefully to avoid writing a proposal that is off the mark. In fact, some clients have specific instructions they want all bidders to follow. Some want each bid written in a particular way. Inability to adhere to the instructions is probably one of the reasons your prospects choose your competitors. Again, learn from the bid proposal sample PDF.

It Helps You to Avoid Shortcuts

Avoid shortcuts. Find ways of meeting all the requirements explicitly without fail. Every response you include on the bid proposal should show your understanding of the client’s requirements regarding the project you wish to do. Do not avoid the technical specifications too. Let nothing slip through your fingers when writing the proposal. This way, the client will take note of your bid because you display your expertise in the matter. Meeting the requirements this way proves that your proposal is the result of hours spent planning and in intense thought.

As stated above, avoid generalizations. The bid proposal sample PDF has none. 

Therefore, you now possess the knowledge required to write exceptional bid proposals. Write the bid proposal so well that the client has no option other than approving it. Use the tips mentioned here by following the example in the sample PDF to write a knockout bid proposal. Remember to write a bid proposal that focuses on addressing the client’s problems. Provide the client with your unique selling proposition. Let clients know the value you will be bringing to their businesses.

Create your own
Bid Proposal Sample (PDF)

Create your own

Bid Proposal Sample (PDF)

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